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cayenne06 has 10 years experience as a MSN, CNM and specializes in Reproductive & Public Health.

I am a CNM, former LDRP RN, and long time CPM. I work for Planned Parenthood and I LOVE my job! I also have two wonderful children.

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  1. cayenne06

    Aide Documentation - Rationale?

    They need to use more professional language. Tell them next time to write “ in the rear entry position.” ??
  2. cayenne06

    Birth Control and 12 Hour Shifts

    I have a mirena too. LOVE IT. Just got mine replaced this year ❤️
  3. I know this is unrelated to the topic at hand but ummmmmmmmm. 25+ OTC supplements?! Why in the world. I love how alt med casts us as Big Pharma shills, pushing pills for profit and "treating the symptom, not the person". Ahem. Big Supplement is just...
  4. cayenne06

    Birth Control and 12 Hour Shifts

    From uptodate (log on to see the citations if you are interested): "Although studies are limited, there is no evidence that any method of contraception is significantly less effective in women with obesity [5,14,15,23]. Thus, women with obesity can b...
  5. cayenne06

    My STRUGGLE With The NCLEX!!!

    Ughhh I am so sorry. I wonder if you should reconsider taking a prep class, see if there is a way to make it work with your budget. The quicker you pass the test, they sooner your income will rise, which vastly makes up for the class fee. Not to ment...
  6. cayenne06

    Methadone clinic job offer

    You are right, in that it is a very challenging and emotionally draining field. Patients can be manipulative, demanding, difficult to engage with. Often with significant mental health needs. That work is not for the faint of heart. However- WOW. "Th...
  7. cayenne06

    Multivitamins and supplements? My vent.

    This is my last hijack related to alt med- Oddly, this is a huge blindspot in the nursing profession. We are inexplicably accepting of pseudomedicine. Case in point- an entire forum on this website dedicated to the topic, misleadingly titled "Holisti...
  8. cayenne06

    Multivitamins and supplements? My vent.

    Happy to see this conversation. Vitamins should be used to treat medical problems as indicated. Because they have actual pharmacologic activity in our body (duh, that's their whole purpose). Same with antioxidants and electrolytes. Our body maintain...
  9. cayenne06

    Employment drug screening

    I always got tested for a new job as a nurse. But so far I've never been asked to test as an APRN. Not sure if that is a common experience. I've never worked at a place with random screens, but you never know when there might be a narc discrepency, ...
  10. cayenne06

    New PMHNP

    I wish schools better prepared their students for the red tape of health care- billing, the credentialing process, dealing with insurance. It is very daunting. Your employer should facilitate getting you on board with insurance companies and teach y...
  11. cayenne06

    Your most bonehead moment in nursing. Or 2. Or 3.

    OMG this had me literally laughing out loud. My worst one - Admitting a labor patient as a new nurse. She was in rip roaring labor and I was feeling the pressure... And, oh god I cringe to admit this, but I went ahead and inserted her IV cath... po...
  12. cayenne06

    Mini Rant

    Yes! I was just going to say that you need to make sure you have the best cover letter ever. Explain yourself, make sure it is readable and engaging and highlights you as an individual. And equally important, keep it short and sweet. Half a page. Ot...
  13. cayenne06

    NP vs MA vs MD power struggle

    Related question- are you credentialed with the insurance companies? Are you billing on your own at all? If not, well... thats not a good sign.
  14. cayenne06

    NP vs MA vs MD power struggle

    What do you mean by "see them with the doc"? Like, you both are physically with the patient at the same time? What is your role when you guys are in the exam room together? I mean the whole idea behind "saving money" with an APRN is paying you less...
  15. cayenne06

    Clinical Question - IUD in 71 year old woman

    I honestly wonder if at this point it is better just to leave it in place. If she has had it for 30+ years without infection or obvious complications, seems safer to leave well enough alone than put her through the risks of removal, esp if it is an...