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I'm scheduled to take a BLS Healthcare Provider CPR class next weekend and I was wondering if any of you had any words of wisdom on how to prepare for this class or even some tips? I searched AllNurses for previous threads and I couldn't find any about taking the class itself to my dismay.

Thank you!☺️

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When I took my initial course they sent a booklet in the mail to look over prior to class. Do you know if they are doing that? If not, it's no big deal. You might get one the day of the class. Truly, you could look up the basics online if you want to review something prior. But honestly, you will learn everything you need to know during the class and the instructors are usually pretty great and will make sure you are competent by the end of your course. Be sure to wear comfy clothes! You will be up and moving. Good Luck, I'm sure you'll be fine!

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You may have access to the textbook before class. If so read through it to familiarize yourself with the concepts. Otherwise you will taught what you need to know to pass the initial BLS class during the 6-8 hour class. It's not like an advanced class like ACLS where you need to know cardiac rhythms and drug/treatment algorithms when you walk in.


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Hi niftygirl2014,Did your registration include a book? If it did, you should read it and understand the concepts. I think you might get tested on the material at the end of the class. If you read through the book well you should be abIe to score well on the quiz or exam. know I did get tested on the book information. We watched a video throughout class time. You may be on the floor and sitting almost the whole time, so do wear relaxing clothing. Class was actually quite fun. You will use your hands a lot. Relax, study the book, get the techniques down in class. I'm sure you will do fine.

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Good day, NiftyGirl2014:

The class is fun; when I took mine about a year and a half ago, they provided all of the materials the day of the class. The initial CPR for healthcare providers class ran about six hours if my memory is correct. You'll learn everything you need to know during the class itself. Get a good night sleep before the class, eat a healthy (but not excessive) breakfast, and enjoy the class.

Thank you.


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Thank you for the responses!

My class runs from 9-1, so it's just a 4 hour class which I guess is where some of my worrying is coming from because I've always heard that they're 6-8 hours. I wasn't given any course material to look over, so I'm going to assume I'll receive something the day of.

I will be sure to wear appropriate but comfortable clothing!

And I will see if I can find some resources online to review and familiarize myself with a few concepts, etc.

Again, thanks for the responses. ☺️

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You can find some basics on the AHA website. A four hour class is possible especially if it's a smaller group. Remember your instructors WANT you to learn and pass. The class is interactive. Good luck!

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The first time you take CPR, it can seem kind of intimidating. Read the material and watch some YouTube videos about how to do CPR. The class will be very interactive. You'll get quite a bit of time working with the mannequins and you'll probably end up doing a few full cycles of CPR, so dress to move and light to moderate physical activity.

After you've done the reading and you have watched the videos, be prepared to be bored at times during the class. Then it's time to just do it.


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Tips? yep: if you get a booklet in advance, go through it and just familiarize yourself with the concepts. PAY ATTENION in class; if you're chatting away you're missing something. If the person next to you is chattering away, ask them politely to SHUT UP (lol) as you need to pay attention.

Watch the video, DO the skills practice (don't just watch someone else doing compressions or ambu-bag and figure you don't need to).

That's it :)

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ask them politely to SHUT UP (lol) as you need to pay attention.

Or not so politely.......

Prepare if you want, but it is more of an interactive class. Do all the skills, don't just watch. Fairly easy class.


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My class was also a 9-1 class and we covered everything sufficiently in my opinion. The instructor would talk, we would watch the video practice and then practice on the dummies ourselves. It was an awesome class that I recommend to everyone I talk to, even those not going into health care. Good luck!


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Honestly thank you to everyone who responded. My nerves have now turned into excitement. I'm looking forward to it!