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First day


This is to funny and I am sure some can relate. I have worked so hard to finally get into the nursing program and today was my first day. So I didnt sleep well last night, got all twenty books ready. So I wake up early eat a nice breakfast and drop the kids off at school and head to my first class a nervous wreck. As I pull into the parking lot I notice it is empty, and see the security guard riding around the lot and ask him where everybody is, he states "classes start tommorrow". Now I feel like a fool I was a day early, but laughing cause now I have an extra day to myself. So now I am nervous for one more day.....:lol2:

Have a blessed day


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Oh, geez! When I was in school I used to always have dreams that I was either late for an exam or I totally missed the class. At least this would have been the one day you got the best parking space!


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The nerves are completely normal. The first semester I was totally freaked out that I had missed a cut off for an assignment and almost drove my instructor crazier than she already was(she was really sweet but I think all those years of teaching us newbie nursing students had taken a toll). So do your best to sleep well tonight and you will have a great first day again tomorrow

Well just consider that a well done practice run.

And Good Luck tomorrow!!!:)


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oh my goodness! That is totally something I would have done LOL

When I first started NS I was making certain that I would be on time for class. (I have a dendency to run a little late sometimes!) Well, when I got to school I went to my classroom or atleast what was supposed to be my classroom and nobody was there. I asked at the registration desk if they changed the room and yes, they did. So, now I was running just a bit behind. (what I had dreamt about the night before) Well, when I found the room it was packed and there was no room to sit. Winds up I was an hour and a half early. It wasn't even my class! I was so embarassed!!! At least I knew where the classroom was when it came time for class to start.

I am in my final semester and still have these dreams before classes and especially before clinicals. I'm not sure they ever go away, but we just don't let them bother us as much.

That's a funny story, but a question . . . did you actually bring all 20 books? There's no WAY I could bring all mine, some are monstrous. I'm just bringing the two they gave us reading assignments in. That'll be heavy enough!


Heck no I didnt bring all the books...I am a pretty strong guy but not that strong..lol...I brought the books for the class and got a crate to keep in my car with all the other books, thanks to somebody on this site that gave me that advice....

OMG....I'm sorry - that is sooooo funny!!!! Thanks so much for the laugh!!! :lol2: By now you have started, so I hope all is going well!!

Oh, unless your instructors state otherwise, you don't need to bring your books at all. The people that do in my program wind up confusing themselves. Just bring something to read while you're having lunch/breaks between classes. That is funny though, I've also had that nightmare several times.

Oh you made my day!!! That is totally something I'd do!!!:rotfl: Good Luck on your real first day, though!!!

I start on Monday and I am already a nervous wreck! You got some good practice in! :D