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  1. samclaug

    Question on What to buy for school!

    You definately will need a good watch. I wear one thas a rubber band and is waterproof. It also has military time that we were required to use in in classes and clinicals. As far as unifroms and shoes wait until you find out from school what you can wear. Other than that make sure you have plenty of regular school supplies such as pens and highlighters. I also use tons of notecards and buy the ring binders to keep them together. Other than that remember to enjoy yourself, its an acomplishment just making in to nursing school!
  2. samclaug

    Ivy Tech Evansville

    beverly j also start working on dosage calculations. this is the book we had to buy [color=#003399]dosage calculations: a ratio-proportion approach by rn, edd, gloria d. pickar i dont know if its the same one they will use for you or not but its a really good book that i still refer back to all the time. you might try buying a used one on ebay or amazon.
  3. samclaug

    Ivy Tech Evansville

    beverly j, Hey as far as the teas goes I ended up with a 91 on my third try. Then on prereqs I had two As in generals and 2 Bs in anatomy. As far as clepping out make sure you talk to an advisor, they are the only ones that know the answer on that one. The way I sudied for the teas was just to read through the book. I went ahead and took the teas early so I could see were my big problem areas were. once I found my trouble areas I went through picked out the key info in the books and wrote it on notecards. Its really about finding the best study method for you. And let me tell you what has worked for you might not work for nursing school. Its a complety different world in nursing school. I actually already have a bachelors degree in social work but this has been the hardest thing I ever have done in my life. I have done well in all my clinicals getting As but theory has been a different matter. Ive passed but its been hard. A suggestion for you is to get a NCLEX review book that also outlines the information and to work the questions. Nursing school tests are like nothing else and its really a new way of thinking about things that you have to learn. Also review your body systems because you have to have those down pact before you can start fundamentals and conditions. Any other questions?
  4. samclaug

    Ivy Tech Evansville

    berverly j, I just finished my second semester this spring. It has been a great experience for me but unfortunately I am moving and IM not going to be able to finish the program at Ivy Tech. I am looking to transfer to a local community college when I move and it looks very promising. But as far as Ivy Tech goes, the program has some really great instructors! If you have any questions just let me know!!
  5. samclaug

    What to wear when shadowing

    I know for us that if we arent actually in clinicals we are not allowed to wear our clinical uniform. I would definately ask your CI what would be appropriate to wear. Let us know how it goes, Im sure it will be very interesting!!
  6. samclaug

    First day tomorrow!!!

    Good Luck! Let me tell you it can be a little intimidating at first but you get into the swing of things. Let us know how it goes!!!!
  7. samclaug

    OMG I'm getting married

    Congrats!:yelclap: I wish you the best of luck! The only thing I would say about having so much going on at once is ask for help from others to get things done. Weddings can be hard, very stressful and put a strain on the best relationships but when its meant to be it all works out!
  8. CONGRATS!:yelclap:
  9. samclaug

    Holy cow! Final grades

    Im so excited I took my last final yesterday and actually passed my first semester of nursing school. With good grades too!
  10. samclaug

    You know it's finals week when.....

    The most exciting thing to you is that you are finally going to get to clean your house.
  11. samclaug

    Know someone who did NOT pass the final?

    Im only in my first semester of nursing school but we actually lost quite a few people. We lost people throughout the semester and then some more this week with finals. Very sad because some of them worked very hard and missed passing by just a few points.
  12. samclaug

    Prayer needed for my friend!

    I will pray for Kelli and all those including you that are affected by her illness.
  13. samclaug

    Scared about starting clinicals Help!

    lizzyberry I feel your pain! Im feeling pretty nervous as well. I haver never worked in healthcare before and I have had other students that have tell me it is going to be really hard for me. I start clinicals in two weeks and do not feel ready at all even though I have checked off on all the skill required in lab for this clinical. As for the dosage calculations we had an instructor go over it with us a little in class yesterday. She lost me!! We don't have regular instruction time in classes on it, we have a book and basically do home study with that. Im scared of that first math test coming up. Anyways wishing us both the best of luck!!
  14. samclaug

    Fundamentals Lab

    Okay I am so excited I just completed all of my return demonstrations for lab and did great!!! So I actually get to start clinicals in a couple of weeks. It was a huge relief!!! I didnt have a clue how to take a blood pressure two weeks ago and today I did it without any problem!! Im just so excited and of course relieved!!:balloons:
  15. samclaug


    I had an instructor ask me how my first week was and I actually replied " It feels like its been a whole month" Im now in my third week and Im starting to feel a little better but the amount of work especially the reading is overwhelming! Hang in there, we will all get through this!!!:)
  16. Besides textbooks, uniforms, steth, BP cuff and other little things we had to purchase from the bookstore our clinical bag which is actually for lab. It has all the supplies that we will need to practice our skills like IV bags, bottles of sodium chloride, cath kits, syringes, sterile dressing trays, and then some basics like gloves and tape. Its packed full and cost about $100. I still need to purchase shoes and support hose so my final cost for books and supplies is probably about $1300. The good thing is there isnt that much to buy for future semesters. Hope this helps!!