Fired 6 weeks into orientation


I finally landed a job a new grad RN at one of the best hospitals in the state and I was fired after 6 weeks for med errors.

Let me explain. I know med errors are serious business, but my circumstances are complicated.

The first one my preceptor gave me step by step instructions on how to deliver a med that was the wrong route. After we realized, he told the NM he never told me to give it and that I gave it without their knowledge. Meanwhile they was at the bedside with me and told me to give it.

The second error was a drug that the patient was receiving every 4 hrs and then an additional stat dose was prescribed. I checked the 5 rights, everything was identical. However, it was considered a med error because I scanned the regular dose instead of the stat dose when I gave it. Even the doctor said it wasn't a big deal. Both patients were okay with no complications.

I've learned from my mistakes, especially the first time around. I don't need to be lectured on how serious my errors were. My main concern is whether or not I'll ever be able to find another job in nursing after this. Do I put it on my resume and explain to potential employers? Or do I leave it off since it was only 6 weeks?


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I'm not sure if you need to since you were still on probation. Anyone know?


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Other than the hospital and people I told personally, I don't think so.

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I don't get it, was there more mistakes or issues you are not mentioning. Cause neither of those, or even the two together, seem like fireable offenses.

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It could have been for any other reason and they just "used" the med errors as an excuse. I wouldn't bother listing them on your resume


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Those were the only incidents. I got along with the staff, had a great review session, loved the floor in general. The only problems were those errors and the fact that I asked to switch preceptors after the first incident. I feel like they hired a lot of extra people to see who would be the best fit and those issues made their decision easier.

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It sounds like to me, unless there is something that you are not telling us - that they were looking for a reason to get rid of you and that was that. Reporting med errors - isn't that supposed to be a non punitive thing anyway?

Good luck with the Job Search You'll find the right fit!.

I have had a similar issue with a person friend of mine in PA. A lot of times it's pride and ego that comes into question so the initial mistake that was made they blame you so that they don't look incompetent. I am sorry to hear about your first gig as it can be hard to get something right after school. I would say either leave it off your resume completely or just be honest however you can be half true and half lying so you have to choose which route you want to go.


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Sounds like a crappy hospital with a bad orientation. How sad. I would leave it off your resume.


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Yeah I would not even mention them on your resume since you were only on orientation. Med errors are supposed to be non-punitive, and if anything, your preceptor shouldve gotten in trouble as well. I think it sounds like an excuse to get rid of you for whatever reason they may have had.

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HR departments will do a search to determine whether you had Social Security payments and other indications of whether you received a paycheck. This will show up, assuming you weren't working for free for six weeks.

Agree that there may have been other reasons, and the med errors were just the proximate cause. Better luck next time.

And .. "they was"? The NM was at the bedside with you and the preceptor? or you had more than one preceptor? or he was there, but someone else was too ... ? Help me out, I'm easily confused. :)

Usually HR departments will only run an employment check if you have stated your employment somewhere. If you have never held a job as of yet they won't want to waste the money in running a search