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  1. I did feel put on the spot because these nurses are turning these pts every 2 hours whether I am there or not... so when they know I am coming around are they waiting for me to do the honors? I don't know. That's how I felt because they have had opportunities to do it before and after my helping them to turn their pt.
  2. Yes Flexiseal! thank you. Whenever there is a BM to clean, I thought it was just "nurse etiquette" to be the one doing the cleaning while your helpers hold and roll your pt. And I like your screen name too. I personally do not like sticking my finger up people's butts, and I will not apologize for feeling that way, but I will do what is best for the pt. I love when the night shift nurse administers a laxative suppository 10 minutes before change of shift... just in time for me to deal with the aftermath!
  3. iluvgusgus

    Pushing flush too slow?

    I've never heard of doing push/pause for a PIV...that's usually for a PICC or CVL which needs more pressure to flush? Maybe that was too much pressure for the vein, she sounds like she had poor veins in the first place.
  4. iluvgusgus

    The "increase minimum wage" issue.

    It all comes down to economics. Raising the minimum raise is inflation if it causes everyone to desire higher wages in relation with the rise in the minimum wage and the price increases that come along with it. People working the minimum wage jobs will always be on the bottom, and no wage increase will change that. Most everyone lives beyond their means, that's just human psychology and economics. Wages are based on supply and demand, not on the value that society places on the role you play. Teachers, fire fighters, nurses all hold honorable positions and hold a lot of value to society. However, our value is not reflected by our wages... unfortunately.
  5. Thank you all for your input. I was a teamplayer and did what they asked me, I am not a difficult person to work with I have earned merit raises based on my teamwork. I work in an ICU and turning 30 pts from 8-3, documenting, and doing multiple dsg changes is sometimes impossible to do in that time span and I would not give a nurse a hard time because the pts are unstable. I just wanted to gain a better attitude about it because I do get asked to do things that I simply dont have time to do, and certain nurses will take advantage more than others. Sometimes they will ask me to do their simple wet to dry dsgs for them... Had I been the nurse, I would have offered to do it myself while the pt was on their side. I did not realize that it didnt bother as many people as I thought it did.
  6. I am a skin and wound resource nurse for my unit and I have to do PU prevalence for my unit every wednesday. I have to turn 30 pts and assess their skin for PUs and clean BMs with the nurse if we find them, I even change dsgs for them of it is a PU underneath. I was taken aback when I was asked by 2 nurses yesterday "while im on that side can you place this suppository?" These are the only 2 favors I was asked to do all day also. I felt put on the spot and taken advanage of - I have never thought of asking another nurse to do this for me, I tend to think that people would prefer to do this as minimally as possible and you are expected to do the dirty work for you own pts. What do you think? Was I being a poor sport about it or were they taking advantage of me?
  7. iluvgusgus

    PTT vs PT/INR

    No matter if the pt is on heparin or coumadin, DVT prophylaxis fits answer #2 the best and is the broadest answer.
  8. iluvgusgus

    Dating a former patient

    Do yourself a favor and run the other way! You are setting yourself up for heartache.
  9. iluvgusgus

    ICU especially hard on back?

    ICU is hard on the back. When I worked M/S I rarely had back pain. Now that I am in the ICU and I turn both my pts every 2 hours or more often plus transport them plus help get them on the mri/CT scan table when needed I have back pain every night. We have a lift team but we usually save that for the morbidly obese immobile pts, and they are a long wait to get over to us.
  10. iluvgusgus

    <20 BS Hypoglycemic episode- Need Advice.

    He just sounds like a very brittle diabetic and sometimes theres nothing you can do to control the BG well.
  11. iluvgusgus

    My husband is in nursing school

    So when I was in nursing school, I barely had time to eat dinner and driving more than a half hour for a study group wouldve cut into study time and I wouldnt have ever done that. I think 8 hours in a study group is excessive, maybe 2-3 hours.... to bounce ideas off eachother. I also think having to party after each exam is excessive since theres one like every 2 wks! Staying out for 5 hours, with other women, away from your spouse.... I wouldve been upset too. I think anyone would be upset if their spouse who is always busy studying is now choosing to spend his time socializing with other students he/she barely knows and not with their wife/husband. If he is "the boss" and hes just a student and telling you how things are going to go, while you sit at home all night waiting for him, how do you think it is going to be when he's the one bringing home the bacon?
  12. iluvgusgus

    ICU pay differential?

    They only require it for nurses trained as charge nurses and there are frequently 2 or 3 nurses who frequently charge on staff as "stat" nurses helping with new admissions and codes as they arise. They are very experienced and I would trust them with my life over a new ICU nurse with an ACLS who has never ran a code. There is always the CCM team rounding in the hallway, there is always a team of RTs walking the halls in case of codes, So no, not so terrifying, but thanks for your input.
  13. iluvgusgus

    I do not want to give up.

    If you are willing to relocate to get a job, inbox me.
  14. iluvgusgus

    ICU pay differential?

    Umm... I think you should be grateful that you are being given the privilege and PAID training to take care of your hospital's sickest patients. Yes, it is obviously specialized training, that they are paying for you to receive. You can take that training anywhere, to other facilities. I work in the ICU and I was very appreciative that I was given the opportunity and training which I think is more valuable than a 2 dollar differential. We are not required to have ACLS and my work only highly recommends getting certified after 2 years of experience, the M/S floor I worked on also strongly recommended getting certified as well after 2 years. And in my opinion, M/S is a lot more stressful and difficult to work and there is a high turnover because of it... and I think M/S deserves higher pay if anyone is getting a differential for the unit they work on!
  15. iluvgusgus

    Ebola in the pregnant patient

    I dont see how refusing a patient assignment would be patient abandonment if you didnt accept them as your assignment nor received report on them? That's not how it works and that would not be right, and yes I will be refusing to care for an ebola pt should that situation ever occur at my place of work. We received an email that said we should use universal PPE for ebola pts! Are you kidding me! I dont think ebola should even be entering any hospital, they are placing all patients and healthcare workers at risk and that is not fair.
  16. iluvgusgus

    Am I being bullied? Or is this normal?

    I had a similar experience with a couple night nurses when giving report. The tone in their voice, their eye rolls,their sighs, kept suggesting that I was incompetent, and then they would nitpick report to death and if something wasnt done because there simply was no time, then they would behave like it was the end of the world. I learned that they did this to other newer nurses as well, and that the fact of the matter was they were too lazy to look things up in the chart themselves... after learning from other night nurses that they would be watching netflix all night ,after drilling me to death in report. If they give you attitude in the future about something not done, tell them its a 24 hour a day job, have a great night!