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this is my first post to the discussion board. i found this board last week and i have enjoyed reading many different posts. i am currently taking a & p II and college composition II. i am impatiently waiting for my letter of acceptance to begin my nursing clinicals in january. if i don't get picked for january, i will be waiting until next august. i have been taking classes for one year now and at the ripe ol' age of 41 i am ready to begin my lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. i look forward to spending time on this board.


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Welcome to the board time4mydream! Good luck on finishing your prereqs. I to am looking forward to an acceptance letter for the Spring! Best of luck to you!


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welcome! You'll find tons of help here!


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Welcome! Congrats on beginning an interesting journey. The time will fly! Good luck on getting that acceptance letter!


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Welcome! :) We're glad you've joined the family!

Everyone is really nice, and extremely helpful! :D



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I'm 41, too, and taking prereqs this year before (hopefully) starting nursing school in May. You're never too old to pursue your dreams!


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Welcome! :)

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Hello! Welcome to the board, and i hope you get that acceptance letter soon! I just started my pre-reqs and can't wait to be in your shoes.


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Welcome! I am also waiting for my acceptance letter to start in January. Good luck!


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I'm taking A&P 2 and English 2, and Micro. I'm doing the mail box watch about my status for Jan/March nursing program entrance.


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Hey "time" nice to have you! You won't believe how great it is here, esp for us "middlers". I'm 41, and done with pre-req's waiting to get in. I will start in the fall. So in the mean time I plan to take a meds class and maybe med terminology. Welcome!!! :biggringi


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Welcome. So you're in the pre-req home stretch. Join us mailbox watchers on our mailbox watch thread or anywhere you like. I'm bummed because today is Columbus day (no mail!). Had school but no mail.

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