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Here I am, I should be studying and I am posting. I have a Micro lab practical tomorrow.

I have my regular schedule(classes tomorrow, clinical Thurs and Friday) the rest of this week. Next Monday I have a two hour A&P final followed by a two hour Micro final.

Tuesday I have a nursing exam followed by a nursing final next on Thursday! Wow can we say craziness! Well I am off to study!

Good Luck to all that will be testing in the next week or two!!


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Please add your finals week schedule as well so we can all see we are not in this alone.


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I took 2 finals today (A&P2 and one of our nursing classes) then tomorrow I have organic chem and our last nursing final and then I'm DONE on Thursday for the summer! This has been the 2 weeks from hell! (prep week and week of finals).

Good luck to all of you that have finals coming up or in them now! :)


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Tomorrow at 8am I have my A&P II final, then at 10 I have my music appreciation final (that should be a breeze)! Friday I have my final in Spanish II and then I'm finished! YIPEEEEE!!!!! I'll have less than a full week break before the start of Summer term, then I'll start this madness all over again.

Wishing everyone lots of luck on finals!!!


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I had my micro lab final today and I bombed it completely! Very depressing. Oh well at least it won't break me. I have a pretty good grade so far. I just have the final and it's over.

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Don't feel bad.....micro lab is a tough exam!!!!!!

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Wow, I'd like to go back & take A&P and Micro finals...

Had Nsg. Research Tuesday, Health Promotion today. Tomorrow will be Med-Surg. And Friday will be Professional Development & the ERI... Then I get to go home for the summer! Yay! :)


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I took my final in nursing Wednesday and I am officially finished. It was really tough! I opened the test and didn't recognize the first 4 questions and started to panic! Apparently, I must have missed this entire section of reading in the book!

Also, some of the questions were so long that I got frustrated reading them.

AAHHH! glad its over.

Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!! We can do this!



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Well here we are ...FINALLY!!! I finished my last theory test yesterday and got final evaluations done. Now the last hurdle for the year is the final next Tuesday....YIPPPPPEEEE!!!!! I am not even stressing over the final...I found out yesterday that I can miss 30 questions and still keep my A. Good luck to all the graduates and for those who aren't done yet I hope everyone gets to relax a little over the summer and HAVE SOME FUN!!!


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i wish each of you much success!


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my maternal child/ob final is on monday [5/12/03].

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Good luck, Stephany, and everyone else! My final is on Monday too!

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