Finally finished excelsior program!!!!!!!


I just finished my last exam - CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature. I passed (got an 80 out of 80 - I was so shocked!!) and am now officially done with all of my Excelsior credits. It was kind of anticlimatic to pass the CPNE and then have to take one more test. I really don't recommend that to anyone who could avoid doing it that way. It would have been much nicer to pass the CPNE and be done. I am enjoying the feeling of relief for a few days then I guess I better start the NCLEX process!


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:dancgrp: Congratulations! Doesn't it feel great? I had two exams to take after the CPNE. So glad it's all over with.

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congrats....feels good to be done don't it....

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A big and much well deserved congrats :) Traci


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Congratulations it is a great feeling!


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it is a wonderful feeling. mucho congrats to you. now we just sit back, wait for the paperwork, then wait for the moolah!!!!:D

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