Final Exams and Grades..Yippee!!


Just had to toot my horn. I missed the final exam top grade by half a point....darn....don't ever talk yourself out of the right answer. :-) Ended up 4th in the class for the term. ONLY TWO MORE TERMS TO GO!


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Terrific!!!! Way to go!!!!!


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Doesn't it feel good to be done for the semester! And you did so well... good for you! :D

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Just one more final to go but it's in art appreciation. How bad can that be? I am happy and proud that I finish my prerequisites and college freshman year with a GPA I can feel good about. It's been a great year. Now it's on to my freshman semester of nursing school.


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wonderful news!

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Way to go!


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I am soooo happy to be finished too!!!!!!!! I feel like I can breathe again. I am just so disappointed that my two best friends didn't make it. :o I just can't help but feel like it won't be the same without them but they are both going to continue on with other classes and get them out of the way so I feel alot better now that I know they are ok!!!!


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I am so happy that this semester is over. I have one more semester, and I will be through, thank God. We had OB and Peds finals, along with two other tests this week. My mind was fried as of yesterday, but I made it through. Now, I can put away my books, and get ready for the next batch of material. A RN student's work is never done...:chuckle Good luck everyone, and Merry Christmas.

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Way to go!

I've got a lab exam on Tuesday, and my last lecture exam on Thursday (for A&P I), then I'm done. Good luck to everyone who ae still taking exams, and congrats to those of you who are finished!


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I just finished my first module. I was disappointed, because I didn't get credit for a skill I completed..I got a 0 on the actual skill, instead of the 95 that I originally got. It seems they lost the paper and said if the paper isn't there..then I didn't do it...I believe that one skill made my grade of 90 go down to 89. Going from an A to a B. I have to talk to the nursing director when I go back to school Monday. I am hoping it gets fixed, since I have witnesses to say I did it..I feel like a fool kind of though. After talking to the teacher about it..I ended up crying the rest of the day..which was an end of mod party. I tried to hide it, but it was obvious to people in my class who came up to me and consoled me and asked what was wrong. I try not to let people see me when I am in a weak state emotionally.

I should be thankful though. Six people flunked out of the course, because they failed BIO. I did get a B+ in bio and the B I got in Fundamentals..(Which was part of my lab skills grade). And a B- in clinical..(I handed in an assignment late.)

Mod II here I come..

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