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Fed up with this RN


Hey all,

So to keep this short and simple, an aide I work with, I'm also an aide, finished her ADN program and began working as an RN on the same unit. Lately she has been making pretty annoying comments like "oh I forgot how to make a bed because I'm not an aide anymore" really? She once claimed she forgot where certain stock was because she's an RN now. Anytime she does something considered "aide work" she jokes about how it is a job less than her. I have gotten really fed up. How can you act like this when you were "just an aide" a few MONTHS ago? I kinda got nasty with her after one of the comments and said something like "ok we get it, you're an RN congrats". Immature I know but I can't deal anymore with it. Have you experienced people like this?

It's a shame when people forget where they started.

I think we have all experienced some version of this situation at one point or another.

I think we probably all have. There are fools everywhere, including healthcare :)

My advice? Take the high road, you can't lose that way. She says she can't remember how to do something? Just joke: "well, it's a good thing ONE of us still carries all her marbles in a sack!" Making light of it, and how silly she appears, makes you look good and her.....silly.

Can't resist a dig? Next time she says "I can't remember how to do that now that I'm an RN", look surprised and say "Wow, I had no idea that some knowledge falls out to make room for newer knowledge! Guess I shouldn't risk going for an RN, I LIKE remembering how to do simple things!" :D

"Wow, you'll really be up a creek any time you're short your aides then!!!" "Don't let management know!!!"

Makes you wonder about the decision to hire her into the RN position, doesn't it?

This is also a woman well into her 50's. I never would of expected this kind of attitude from her. Unit manager is very fond of her and wanted to keep her around. You all are right about what I can say in response to one of her comments!! :)


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That is bull. You never stop doing NURSING duties. Aide duties are a part of nursing. She needs to get off her high horse.

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I actually pity those who do this.

People that are secure with themselves, aware of their strengths and are classy in general don't need to continually remind everyone around them or try to seek the approval of others for self-validation.

She may be insecure and just feels the need to make sure that others are noticing her and her accomplishments.

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While I would also be annoyed by someone like that, I'm wondering, is it possible she doesn't realize she's being condescending and terribly annoying? Maybe she thinks she's coming across as joking. I've been surprised sometimes how clueless some people are as to how they come across to others and sometimes all that's needed is a little straight up honesty. "hey, when you make comments like that it's condescending, unnecessary, and it bothers a lot of us. Think about how that would come across to you if someone had said it to you when you were still an aide." or whatever.

I don't understand RN arrogance. I mean I'm proud of being one, but at the same time I'm aware that I'm not very high on the totem pole in the grand scheme of things. I guess it all depends on where you're coming from. If she's in her 50's, maybe this is her first college degree and job that required one and she doesn't know how to express pride in that except by coming across as arrogant.

"So, when ya getting your bachelors?"

In all seriousness, her self esteem issues are apparent. And her issue. If you need to respond to her "I forgot" statements, I would with "Wow. That is so concerning to me. Is everything OK?" With a look of concern on your face.

The less you respond to the comments at all, hopefully, they will pass.


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I'd love to zing this response ---

"Wow! If you're forgetting all the simple CNA things, I wonder what important critical RN things you've already forgotten".

Yeah, I know 2 wrongs don't make a right, but I can dream can't I?

I'd be dropping some hints about memory loss and dementia.:cheeky:

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I like the...so....when are you getting your BSN? LOL

Ignore her. Smile sweetly and move on. These people get a kick out of making others feel bad. ((HUGS)) SHAME ON HER!


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I was picturing some cocky twenty-two year old, but when you said that she is in her fifties, it made me think that she has probably worked for so many years as "just an aide" and being told what to do by people much younger than her that now that she's an RN she really wants to flaunt it. Not that that excuses her silly behavior, but her age may have something to do with it. I do inpatient dialysis in some hospitals where they have some older aides, and a lot of them seem to have pretty low self esteem and give the impression that they've been figuratively "kicked around" a lot over the years.


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Haha, this person sounds quite foolish to be saying these things. It is the RN's responsibility to see that all care is done - not just "RN level tasks". You bet your A** that I still do my own toileting/baths/walks/vitals. I like doing it! And it pays off when there is only one aide on the floor, and surprise! that aide is grateful to you, and therefore helps you the most :)


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"Better not get your BSN? Who knows what else you'll forget?"

(Of course, you are better off taking the high road, I guess. It is pathetic, really that she acts like this.)

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There is no such thing as "aide work." There are certain NURSING tasks that can be delegated to the aides but these responsibilities are still owned by the nurse. Having aides is a luxury. What will she do if she works on a floor with no aides? Or if all the aides are pulled to sit? Or if (as was the case in my hospital) the aides were lazy and spent 3/4 of the shift hiding in the locker room playing candy crush? If the patient develops a pressure ulcer because he wasn't turned at all in her 12 hr shift, who's ultimately going to be held responsible? Or if a patient goes septic and no vitals were done throughout the shift?

This nurse presumably has a bed at home, does she not? Clearly she did not "forget" how to make a bed, she's just obnoxious.

find the name of a neuro psych doc and give it to her with the most sympathy you can muster....