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:) Whats yout favorite shift to work in LTC, and why? I am currently worrking day shift and I guess I am just a PM person. To much going on with days. Plus i like to sleep in :)

Defintely eves....too many "office" people during the day trying to be nurses!!!!!


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I have worked them all, 2nd is my favorite, I agree with Belinda, I like no office help around! I have also noticed that when I worked nights the adm, DON would come in ready to go (complaining usually) 2nd's they are all ready to go home and get out of there so I don't hear so much complaining.

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I don't know. I work 50/50 days/nights. I'm not a morning person, but I miss being able to converse with the residents if I am not working day shift. I also miss being able to discuss matters with the multidisciplinary staff. Nights are good for catching up on charting and other paperwork. Also good for getting studying and research done.

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I only work a day shift but I like the shift I am on tomorrow which is 7am until 3pm. Even though I HATE getting up in the morning, My work is complete by 3pm then I can go home and have the rest of the afternoon/ evening to myself. I also like 8am until 4pm again it gives me time in the evening to relax.


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I love second because no Administration around and I like to sleep in. I like first because I usually have the Director to bounce questions around to because I am so insecure in my skills. (Only one nurse in the facilty on second and third)


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I like the 3-11 shift. It's busy when I'm fresh, and, as I get tired, it slows down.


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I have worked them all and a combination of all of them. But I do have to say I like 11p-7am the best. I use to not like it. I think it was because I was scared of being one of two nurses. But after feeling alittle better when assessment skills and intution, i feel more comfortable. So I will keep on this shift if I can.

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i liked the 7-3, i liked having my evenings free.


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7-3, I like to have the rest of the day....... even if it means getting up early. I am not a morning person, don't know how i make it to school on time.


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I too have worked all shifts. I work days now, but if I had no other responsibilities, I think I would work PM's. I hate 3rd.



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My favorite?? DAYS, DAYS, DAYS!! :) I worked third for 8 years, hated every minute of it, but it was really convenient for school. I don't like 3-11 only because I end up staying up really late, sleeping in really late, then wake up just to get ready for work again. Not for me. But I LOVE getting up early in the morning and having the whole day! I LOVE having all those people around during the day! The doctors, PA-C's, dieticians, therapists, social workers, case managers, clergy, etc. are all around when I need them!! I understand why some people don't like the bustle of days, but I love it. Love meeting the patient's family, love talking to the patients themselves! I'm holding on to this shift as long as I can!! LOL :)

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