Fall 2010 Classes!!

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i'm so excited for school to start! so i thought it would be cool to see what everyone is taking. i'm sure many of us have some of the same classes!:yeah:


a&p i/lab


nursing concepts

intro to nursing theory

intro to nursing clinical:uhoh3:

total hous: 17

start date: august 25:nurse:

i'm so happy too see that i'm not the only one with a crazy schedule!!!! :uhoh3: makes me feel a little better... good luck to both of us!!! :yeah:



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I'm taking:

Fundamentals of Nursing

Fundamentals of Nursing Lab

Medical-Surgical Nursing

Med-Surg Lab

Med-Surg Clinical (1 day a week for 10 hours)

Online Pharmacology

I will also be teaching 3 classes and tutoring/advising 10 hours a week. And there's a possibility that my teaching load might increase by 1 or 2 more classes.



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I register next week, but these are the classes I should get!


Research Process in Nursing

Human Interactive Processes

Abnormal Psych



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For my fall I am taking...

A&P 1/Lab

Intro Chem/Lab



Education (A class about studying the college now requires)

Total Hours - 17

Start Date - Aug 24...Birthday Aug 31



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HopefulStdnt--You have a pharm lab? I wonder what you do in that?

Your guess is as good as mine! They haven't explained much to us yet, as far as scheduling and what our classes are going to be like. We don't have orientation until the first day of school.

Let me get back to you in about 5 weeks! ;)


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I'm on quarters, so we're starting late September. My program is known to be front-loaded, so I have 17 credits for just 10 weeks.

Health Assessment (5)

Basic Skills of Nursing (4)

Clinical A&P (3)

Pathophysiology (3)

Pharmacology I (2)

Anxious...Nervous...Excited...It's a whole amalgamation of feelings.



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HopefulStdnt--You have a pharm lab? I wonder what you do in that?

I had a Pharm Lab when I took Pharmacology. Basically you go to lab and there is power points on different desks with pictures on them of pills, or syringes, dosage calculation questions, IV questions, medicine side effects, what medicine contraindications, questions on lab values for certain drugs, etc. You bring your drug book and laboratory diagnostic book and walk around the desks and answer questions on the sheet then hand them in.

My classes start Aug 30th. I will be attending a Community College and the process starts out as an LPN program then you can move onto ADN RN. I am not sure if this is the path I will choose right now. My main goal is to be a wound care nurse:) My research shows LPNs can be wound care nurses.

I did my A&P last semester so I dont have to take that while in the Nursing program :yeah: I will have 14 credits.

Good Luck to everyone!!!!



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I just love these kind of threads lol, it gets me excited for the fall! Here's my first semester of my BSN program starting Sept 7th:

Nursing Fundamentals

Nursing Fundamentals Lab

Nursing I: Geriatrics

Nursing I: Geriatrics Clinical



Principles of Medication Administration

Total: 16 credits

Schedule: Mon/Wed 9-4, Tue 8-4, Thurs 9-12

This is the first time that I'll be taking more than 14 credits a semester since my first semester in college three years ago. This is the required sequence for full time students and I didn't want to do part time.

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I'll be taking:

NSG 100 (Pharmacology I -- we have 3, each 1 credit)

NSG 101A (Fundamental Nursing Skills)

NSG 101B (Introduction to Professional Nursing Practice)

PSY 220 (Human Development)

PHL 201 (Philosophical Perspectives on the Human Situation)

It's a total of 16 credits.

The nursing classes start August 23 (and psych the same week), and PHL starts the week after.



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I have:

Human Body I (Anatomy and Physiology - 3 hours of lecture/week, 2 hours of lab/week)

Nursing I (Theory and Application - 4 hours of lecture/week, 8 hours of lab (clinical)/week)

Then I have an english class, and a humanities class, which are each 4 hours/week.

My first day is August 25th and it's most likely going to be my clinical day, so we're going to get into learning all the basic skills right off the bat.

Soooooo excited :D



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I am taking:

Intro to pharmacology

Intro to Nursing Lecture

Intro to nursing lab

Dosage calculation

My school's nursing program is 5 semesters with the 1st being an intro semester then level 1 for LPN then onto level 2 for RN. The Pharm class starts August 23rd the nursing classes don't start until September 22nd. I am so excited to get started on nursing classes!:D

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