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  1. Leaving new position

    I just started a new position one month ago as a new grad, it went great for the first few weeks despite my schedule being changed, but in the last week the attitude from the other NP's I work with has changed drastically. It is making my training ve...
  2. Working Interview

    I am a new grad and just had interview 1 at a neurologist office. It went well, but they want me to come back for a 2 day working interview. I've heard of working interviews for 4 hours or half day, but never 2 days. I know I'm only going to be shado...
  3. NP Programs, Preceptors and You - Get Your Voice Heard!

    I just finished the survey as well, but I don't have a lot of faith in change.
  4. Why is our salary so low?

    I have discovered the B&M vs Online is a big deal obviously. Many complaints about lack of quality... so on and so forth. There are online programs out there that require every test to be proctored, skills check offs to be done in person or proct...
  5. Surgical NP Clinical

    I am lining up my clinical experiences right now in my FNP program and I am trying to decide how best to use my maximum of 40 hours in a specialty. I am in the DFW area and have a few options on how to spend this finite amount of time, I have the opt...
  6. UTA FNP 2016

    Some things have changed in this program that are very different from what is listed in this thread. The classes are no longer "open book" as all exams require a webcam and no papers/books/etc on the desk. The classes are 5 weeks and 11 weeks respect...
  7. Working During Chemo/Radiation

    Any floor nurses out there that went right back to work after a cancer diagnosis? This is long and kind of raw for me, but here goes. I am 27 and was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer and need a hysterectomy and chemo/radiation. I currently wo...
  8. Extern while pregnant?

    I have a question on how to talk to my manager about this. I will be around 14 weeks pregnant (hopefully) when I graduate nursing school and I am currently a tech/extern. My manager has already offered me a position as a new grad with about a 6 week ...
  9. Thanks Briterz, I'm looking forward to it. Laffitte, straight A students were making 50's and 60's on the first two tests, and were happy to make a C in the class. There will be a different teacher doing the class next semester so it might be differe...
  10. So we started Nursing Skills 2 a couple days after spring semester ended. We also started Med/Surg class then. We had that until the beginning of July. We had some overlapping of skills and clinicals, those were 3 days a week, so most I believe were ...
  11. We got about 3 weeks off from the end of July to the end of August, my group started last spring.
  12. Good luck to everyone coming in for the spring!! Be prepared for last minute schedule changes, and extra money requested at random. They will tell you to get a PCT job, then tell you that you shouldn't work in the program. To clarify on the pediatric...
  13. Any info?

    Texas is a really large state, what area are you wanting to know about?
  14. Brookhaven Fall 2012

    I think working is definitely possible during school. Try to work somewhere that you can change your schedule at a whim. Clinical days can get changed at last minute, extra classes added, and we have no power to change it. My clinical group was the o...
  15. MCP externship

    Can anyone tell me about externships in the DFW area? Are they like a clinical experience so I can use my skills learned in class such as catheters, IV, etc... or is it like an aide? Any info is really appreciated.