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  1. Trying to find a good accelerated lpn program

    Have you tried a Community College? Maybe Gogebic Community College in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The program has recently changed but check out the website and see if it interests you.
  2. Studying Med Surg

    Our Med Surg class started with safety and infection control. It was kind of like starting with the basics and building on more complex chapters. Hope this helps. I did a general overview of all the chapters the first week I had my book, this helped ...
  3. Crazy Organization Lately Anyone?

    Hey! I think I am on the "ride" most of you are on! I have organized things that were organized to start with. It is only me living in my apartment so in a way I am lucky. I threw away all unimportant dishes so I would not have to wash them while in ...
  4. Wound Care Certification

    I will start my LPN program this Fall. I also want to have the certification in Wound care. Ever since working with a wound specialist in the hospital I used to work at, I have had a tremendous interest in this field. From the research I have done, t...
  5. How often you see your boyfriend while in nursing school

    My BF kinda complained about not seeing me much while I was taking the pre-reqs. I plainly told him " If you dont think you see me now just wait til I start NS, you may not remember who I am...lol. He knows how important NS is to me and will just hav...
  6. Fall 2010 Classes!!

    burn out is not an option for some of us. If you stay focused, pace yourself, and practice time management it is possible. A young lady I know that just finished her LPN classes....is an inspiration to me. She didnt have the best support system at ho...
  7. Fall 2010 Classes!!

    My classes start Aug 30th. I will be attending a Community College and the process starts out as an LPN program then you can move onto ADN RN. I am not sure if this is the path I will choose right now. My main goal is to be a wound care nurse:) My re...
  8. i was kicked out of nursing school

    I reread your last post...the one saying you have a chance to write a letter explaining what happened. I did not see anywhere the words " I regret lieing, I am sorry for lieing...what was I thinking when I chose to lie about the med error." I did not...
  9. No Worker Left Behind

    Good Luck to those seeking help to pay for nursing school. Have you considered Pell Grants? Scholarships? and yes the dreaded Student loans? Once I received my acceptance letter things moved quickly to get onto the NWLB. I had filled out all the nece...
  10. The wait for your acceptance into nursing school

    Hi Everyone, I was told once my Chem grade was turned in...I could possibly get my acceptance letter. So I am expecting it anytime ( I think this is unrealistic but I have never been able to wait on anything). As a child I could never wait until Chri...
  11. Help! Advise on LPN or RN program without an entrance exam in IL, or IN

    Hi Try gogebic.edu\ it is a community college in Upper Michigan close to Wisconsin line...Hope this helps