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  1. I am so sick....

    LOL, pass the popcorn!
  2. I am so sick....

    Of all these threads that keep popping up WARNING people not to go into nursing! Do the people who start those threads really think we don't know the job market sucks right now? It sucks for everyone!! Do they really think they are going to get peo...
  3. Bad Interview...

    It was illegal for her to ask you anything about your personal life. Prospective employers are forbidden to ask about your relationship status, children, or anything else. Her scope of questions should revolve only around the job you were applying ...
  4. Ivy Tech 'Fall 2010' Applicants

    It's interesting to see the different uniform requirements for the different campuses and see the difference in prices for the books. Our uniforms are sandstone pants and top (with a logo embroidered on it) and a white top for second year ASN. I got...
  5. 1st semester book costs

    I bought mine through my bookstore because they came in a bundle. I went on Amazon and priced everything and it was actually cheaper through my bookstore! I was shocked!! I spent about $650.
  6. Ivy Tech Fall 2010 ~ Fort Wayne

    I finally went and got my books, and the lady that "helped" me kept telling me I needed the small nursing diagnosis handbook and I told her "no it's in the box". I had already emailed to find out the contents of the box. She swore up and down, that ...
  7. 2nd degree in nursing WAS IT WORTH IT? GIRL LOST!

    I currently teach at a community college, and it is that same college that I will start nursing school in the fall. Yes, I still plan to teach while in school and even after I'm done and hopefully working as a nurse. Most community colleges and de...
  8. Med Tech, U of Indy...which one?

    How about explaining to your instructors what happened and asking for an incomplete? That way you can catch up and finish your classes and not lose your FA.
  9. Ivy Tech Fall 2010 ~ Fort Wayne

    I was going to go today, but something told me to wait. Now I'm glad I did! Have you called the bookstore to find out about the duplicates? Did you also get your ATI books when you went there?
  10. Care plan guides?

    Greetings everyone, I am hoping someone out there can give me a few suggestions on this subject. I am getting ready to start NS and I know that we have to do care plans. I'm going to assume they teach us how to do these in class, but instructors ca...
  11. Fall 2010 Classes!!

    I'm taking: Fundamentals of Nursing Fundamentals of Nursing Lab Medical-Surgical Nursing Med-Surg Lab Med-Surg Clinical (1 day a week for 10 hours) Online Pharmacology I will also be teaching 3 classes and tutoring/advising 10 hours a week. And ther...
  12. Ivy Tech 'Fall 2010' Applicants

    Do a search for the courses. The books are now required by law to be listed. And all the ISBN's for fall are there. I will warn you though, most of the fundamentals books are packaged together in a bundle.
  13. Ivy Tech Fall 2010 ~ Fort Wayne

    I'm in section B. Which is the smallest section! Well we should be in Fundamentals and Med-Surg lectures together!
  14. Ivy Tech Fall 2010 ~ Fort Wayne

    I can't wait! What section are you in (A-D)? I just wish financial aid would hurry up because I want to get my books so I can start reading. LOL
  15. Ivy Tech Fall 2010 ~ Fort Wayne

    I was just wondering if anyone else on here is going to be entering the nursing program at Ivy Tech's Fort Wayne campus this fall. Would love to get to know a few people before the semester actually starts!