Failed Microbiology TWICE! and now I don't know what to do!!!

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I need help! I am so stressed out and don't know what to do. I've taken microbiology during the school year and then dropped it because I was not understanding what was going on. Then I thought about taking it in the summer because then that would be the only class that I would be taking and I could focus more. WRONG. I felt that it was more of a distraction. And the class was going to fast, a quiz or exam every week. Now I have to take it again this fall but I spoke to my advisor and she said that I might not be accepted into my nursing program at school because I already taken micro twice.. I really want to become a nurse and travel the world. Now I am lost as EVERY and I feel like a failure.

That could certainly be a problem, but every program calculates eligibility differently. You're down, but you may not be out.

How are you doing in your other sciences? Many find micro to be one of the "easier" hard sciences, so I would worry about the "harder" ones if micro hasn't gone well.

A&P 1and2 I got B's in both.

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Science and math have always been struggles for me too, Maxima. I always made good grades in them, but unlike literature and the arts, I had to put some effort into understanding the concepts and whatnot.

When I was in the RN program and knew I had to take micro, I did a little research beforehand. I learned that the instructor had a reputation for being really really really boring and believed that men didn't belong in nursing.

So, these being the days before the internet, I went to the library and looked through volumes of books on the subject of microbiology. I checked out one titled Magnificent Microbes and studied it. The author made the subject both interesting and entertaining.

All's well that ends well. I was prepared for the class, the instructor relayed facts in her monotone voice which made it easy for me to process the information, the textbook was great, the instructor and I got along really well, and I got an above average grade from the class.

I hope that you can find a way as I did to make the subject of microbiology not only more easily understood, but interesting and entertaning too, Maxima.

The best to you !

Totally off topic but I'm kinda curious how you are going to "travel the world" as a nurse?

Well, you may be up the creek without a paddle now. I would figure out what to do next as most places won't accept after 2 attempts. Two Bs in A&P may not get you in either depending on the school and how many applicants there are.

Thank you for the advice!

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My concern is that if you felt microbiology was too challenging and going too fast "with a quiz or a test every week" - how will you make it in actual nursing school, which is FAR more challenging, fast-paced, and busy, than microbiology.

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I think it all depends on your school or if not that school, another one. Getting Bs in A&P may not be enough though depending on the school and certainly, 2 failed attempts in microbiology will not help your case. If there is another pre-req or class you can take to boost your chances I would go for it. Do talk to your school's counselor though as see what your school requires or what remediation they recommend though.

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Yes, you definitely need to speak to your advisor, and also the nursing school advisor (if not the same person). Are you sure the first class counts as failed class etc., if you dropped before a certain time it may not count against you. Some classes are harder for some people than others, everyone has classes like that just different subjects, that doesn't make you a failure! Good luck!

Have you considered getting a tutor for this subject? Many schools have them available to students at no charge and they are able to help you understand the important concepts in a class you find difficult. Recording class lectures may also be helpful. Also, it may help your confidence if there is another class you need toward your degree that you know you could get a good grade in before re-taking micro.

With that being said, all of the classes towards you nursing degree have some degree of difficulty and require your complete focus. In your original post you did state that you felt taking micro during summer was "more of a distraction." I remember something one of the professors said to the class on the first day of nursing school, she told us our homework that evening was to go home, spend time with our family and call friends to catch up, because that might be the last time for a while since nursing school should be your sole focus. Saving lives is serious business.

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