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  1. City-Girl

    Droplet precautions

    Our hospital's policy for those with suspected and confirmed flu is droplet precautions. We educate our patients being placed on droplet precautions on how flu is spread, provide them with a box of masks to wear when they want to walk the halls and ask that any of their visitors wear a mask when visiting as well as washing their hands on departure. Usually patients are receptive and reasonable to our practice.
  2. City-Girl

    Thanksgiving part deux

    For me the actual day of the holiday does not matter. What I have always found important is finding my own way to celebrate. For several years early in my career I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in order to have several days off around the New Year. With a few nurses in our family, my grandmother never got use to that fact that we could not be around for Christmas, then she came up with the idea that our family's Christmas would be celebrated on whatever the Sunday following Christmas would be, whether it's the next day or a week away. The rest of the family has grown to really like my grandmother's tradition and it's really easy to plan ahead each year. My sister has a big family and friends Easter party the day before easter, also makes for an easy time getting the day off. Even if it's not on the actual date of the holiday, as long as there are ways to celebrate with friends and family I don't feel like I am missing out on anything. I also made my own turkey dinner yesterday after working a few days and am looking forward to leftovers this evening.
  3. City-Girl

    Canceled! Jerks!

    Where I work the hospital is required to cancel at least 2 hrs before the shift starts, if they fail to do so you are guaranteed 4 hrs. The staffing office sometimes tries to get away with giving less notice than that, but will quickly recant when they are reminded of the policy.
  4. City-Girl

    RN's are you happy with your career, why or why not?

    Love it most days!
  5. City-Girl

    I forgot to return blood to the bloodbank

    Sounds like a systems problem that everyone can learn from (many errors are). The ordering MD should have entered an order to d/c the blood. You did tell your charge nurse that the blood was no longer needed so maybe you thought that was the last time you would have to think about it. In an ideal world, you would have had the time to notify the blood bank that you did not need the blood or have watched for it's arrival and send it back. Where I work, once the order for a blood product is entered by the physician, the nurse is required to send a requisition form to the blood bank notifying them that she (he) is ready to receive. The blood is send through the hospital's pneumatic tube system and whenever something is delivered a rings a bell until the delivery is taken out. There have been a few times that I can remember in the past 20 years where blood has arrived and unfortunately everyone on the unit was too busy to notice. Unfortunately sometimes things like this happen. If you haven't already, fill out a variance (incident) report. Although you may usually think of these kinds of reports for errors or patient harm (medication error, patient injury), this is not to place blame, but to provide insight into how these sorts of things can happen. It will also show your manager that you understand your part in why this occurred.
  6. City-Girl

    Facing a dilemma! Help!?

    There are so many areas as an RN that you can work in that do no involve acute care. There are plenty of out patient settings that the pace is a lot less intense. In your post you stated that you loved your job doing laser hair removal. I am not sure how prevalent the jobs are in your area, but there are positions in medical spas for RNs. Good luck!
  7. City-Girl

    New grad struggling to land first job

    Sorry to hear you did not get the job. You mentioned seasonal work at Target. Have you considered looking into seasonal work giving flu shots, tis the season. I had a friend who was in a similar situation as you and the best she could find as a new grad RN was doing flu clinics. While it did not pay well, it was a way for her to get something on her resume with an RN tittle. The company she did flu clinics for also did home care and once she showed them she was reliable she was able to pick up 1 home care patient and although that was not her fist choice, she was able to do that for a little while until more hospital jobs opened up.
  8. City-Girl

    Cared for MRSA patient without PPE

    If you take public transportation most likely you've sat next to some people with MRSA and other unpleasant bugs. I find it funny when I discharge a person who has been on precautions, they go out the front door of the hospital just like everyone else and live amongst us. They go to the grocery and most likely touch the fruit just like the rest of us. Just remember good hand hygiene and you'll be good.
  9. City-Girl

    Wanting to Quit Nursing School

    Maybe there's other positions in the human services field where you could apply some of your previous course work so you would not have to start from square 1. If you truly know that your heart is not into it, it's okay to call it quits before you spend more money on a possibly very expensive education. I attended nursing school with a girl who spoke of nothing else but getting a position in pediatric nursing after graduation. (Other than clinical she did not have any other patient experiences during school). Well, we finished nursing school and she got that job in pediatrics, only to learn that it was a much tougher job than she had thought. I suggested she get a position with adults in the hospital I was working for at the time, she said she decided to go back to school for another degree in a different field since she could not see herself as a nurse working with adults. At least you have realized that you are not into it before you finished. Good luck figuring out your next steps!
  10. City-Girl

    New grad struggling to land first job

    An orthopedic unit is an excellent place to start! Although the primary diagnosis may be similar, most of the patients will have other medical issues that you will be required to manage such as diabetes & HTN. You would have the opportunity to learn a specific skill set for Otho and develop time management skills. Depending on where you work you would be required to change dressings (some places the PA or ortho intern does daily dsg change), deliver pain meds as well as scheduled daily meds and tele monitoring, and some require blood transfusions due to EBL just to name a few.
  11. City-Girl

    How much notice would you give?

    At least 2 weeks and check your company's policy as some places require 4 weeks. Be careful not to burn bridges, the world of nursing is very small.
  12. Finishing your degree is never a waste of time or money. It will increase your skill set, job security and give you the flexibility to work in the area you want. If you only have a few courses left to finish your degree, go for it. Even if take only 1 class at a time, you'll be done before you know it. Back when I was finishing my BSN my employer offered tuition reimbursement (a few thousand dollars per year) . Though I had to pay the upfront cost for the class, once I submitted my passing grade at the end of the semester my employer cut me a check for the cost of the class. Good luck with whatever decision you make.
  13. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you've only been off orientation a few weeks. It takes time to get your groove. As the previous poster said it can take a year before you feel comfortable. While I'm not sure what type of rapport you developed with your preceptor, just because orientation has ended doesn't mean you can't reach out for questions. Observe how the other nurses around you practice, there's often helpful ways you can make yourself more efficient that you may be able to observe from one of your peers. Ask around to see what others use of a report sheet, organizing your patients and tasks at the beginning of your shift can be helpful. Try to complete a quick head to toe assessment on each of your patients early in the shift so if there's a change in status, you'll catch it early and may prevent a patient from circling the drain. We've all been there and it does get easier with time. Good luck!
  14. City-Girl

    Best car for home visiting nurse in New England?

    My Subaru Outback performs excellent in the Nor' Easters that are inevitable every winter.
  15. City-Girl

    Rn dealing with own family member illness.

    Under FMLA there is a provision for intermittent leave to help care for spouse, child or parent. Not sure if this is helpful information for you individual circumstances, but here's a couple of links: FAQs: FMLA - Wage and Hour Division (WHD) - U.S. Department of Labor Intermittent Leave Under the FMLA - The Basics | Mintz You could also check with your HR dept. to see if your place of employment has an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) for times of stress or crisis