Preventative Care for Nurses During Pandemic


I'm a nurse at a city hospital who has cared for Covid-19 patients since the first wave and have continued to do so.  As nurses we usually take care of ourselves, but don't rush to the doctor for every little hangnail.  I have rarely had acute visits with my PCP, if an issue arises that can wait I bring it up at my annual physical.  I booked my annual check-up for this year a year ago.  My PCP is aware that I am a nurse who works in acute care.  A day before my appointment I received a call from my. PCPs office telling me they were cancelling my annual check-up, they didn't give a reason, but said someone from the office would call to reschedule. Today I received a call from their office assuming it was to reschedule.  Instead they told me the doctor wants to do a telephone consult before allowing the office staff to reschedule my appointment.  I have heard from nurse colleagues that they have been told by their gyms and hair salons that they are not welcome at this time due to being a healthcare worker who cares for covid patients, but not primary care provider offices.  I'm not sure if that's the reason, but I am highly suspicious.  Has anyone had any experiences with this or work in primary care and having this as a policy?     

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My entire organization has gone telemedicine for anything that can be done that way. Doesn’t matter what type of work the patient does. I’ve had several telehealth blood pressure checks since this all began.


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I've been to a few different types of appointments since the pandemic. The main issue I think is the screeners are not thoroughly educated. Some are just from the valet service or people from other parts of the office with little education related to COVID. I answer yes to "have you been in close contact with..." & tell them I'm a nurse & wear PPE & get strange looks and have to educate them. 

I did need a dentist appt for a tooth bothering me & the kept offering me appts on the same day of each week. I kept explaining I'm a nurse, I work that day every week, short staffed, pandemic/COVID, etc. & asked for a different day of the week. The response was, "we've offered you a few appt times some are this coming week (all same day) & you refuse to take off work."