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  1. Ele_123

    online PALS

    I work with a staffing agency on the weekends & am wanting to get PALS certification so I can go to have more opportunities- mixed med/surg & ED. The locations close to me- within an hour or so are only offering PALS classes during the week. Has anyone taken a PALS class online to get their initial certification? Did you get an adequate learning experience? Any problems getting facilities to accpet it? Should I just wait a few months for an in person course on the weekend?
  2. Ele_123

    Ambulating post op day zero

    I've worked ortho/neuro/bariatric with some general surgery mixed in. The only time we definetly didn't ambulate a patient POD 0 was if they had a suspected or at high risk for a CSF leak or if they had hip/knee surgery and were numb from a spinal block. I've taken care of patients with knee/hip replacements who walk a few hours after surgery and there are a few "stragglers" who we can barely get out of bed POD 1. All bariatric surgery patients were required to start walking the halls within 4 hours of getting to the floor. For spine, cervical, and brain surgery & general surgery it depends on the time/length of the procedure, how involved it is, and how the patient was doing medically.
  3. Ele_123

    LPN using the title of MA

    I took a job in a doctor's office. The majority of LPNs work in the nurse "closet" taking phone calls all day, mainly medication refills, insurance pre-auths, & post-op questions & occasional staple removals. The MAs interact with patients directly in clinic with the patients & doctor and coordinate follow-up care after/between visits. There are several MAs, an LPN who works in the MA position, and me. I feel odd referring to myself as an MA. Medical assistant isn't a licensed position, right? Am I fine to use that term? It doesn't feel right leaving out LPN since that's something I've work for and knowledge/experience I have. Maybe there is a way I can incorporate LPN & MA?
  4. Ele_123

    Should a nurse suggest a different doctor?

    If the patient expresses concerns to the nurse about the care the doctor is providing. It would be appropriate to remind the patient that they have the right to participate in their health care & tell them the ways they have to express these concerns- patient care hotline, house supervisor, or charge nurse. Giving the patient a list of hospitalists, neurologists, or whatever specialty and telling them they can choose a doctor if they don't like theirs doesn't seem right. If the nurse has documented concerns about the care a patient is receiving it needs to go through the appropriate channels- incident report, house supervisor, director of xyz medical service, etc.
  5. Ele_123

    Can they ask this during an interview?

    This is what I'm thinking too. If they have several qualified applicants the doctors might consider saving the 200ish dollars a month and hire someone who has no interest in a company health insurance policy. The clinic doesn't pay extra for required overtime.
  6. Ele_123

    Hydration Stations in the Nursing Station

    If shifts are 12 hours long & adults are supposed to sleep for 8 hours, that leaves 4 hours of the day to get in the classic 8 cups of water a day. Then figure in that a nurse could need more based on their body size or could walk a few to several miles in a shift and need more than the classic 8 cups of water a day. It just doesn't work out very well.
  7. Ele_123

    Can they ask this during an interview?

    No, they asked me what my desired wage is. I had already been to a few other interviews and it seems like the starting wage for clinics in the area is about $17/hr, so I told the $17 was my desired wage. The response was "I don't think our nurses make that much, I'll have to ask."
  8. During an interview can an employer ask if you need to/plan on getting/using their health insurance policy? I didn't think much of this at first because I had several other interviews where they talked about health insurance benefits, but I don't think asked that question. They told/asked me a couple other things that seemed a little odd too.
  9. I'm an LPN and for the past few years I've worked in acute care on med-surg & ICU units. My current job is cutting hours and wants me to drive almost 100 miles (1 hour 45 minutes) to another hospital. Staff end up working very sporadically. I might work full-time one week and nothing for a couple weeks. It is very difficult to get a position as an LPN in acute care so I've been applying as an LPN at outpatient clinics/ doctor's offices. There are a couple questions that have seem to come up in the interview. One is about pay (this particular clinic asked for your previous pay rates on the application) and the other question is about why I want to work in outpatient care or at a doctor's office. One lady told me their clinic was fast-paced and asked if I was okay with it. I think I've had some pretty tough/ fast paced assignments at an LTAC. I've tried my best explaining how my experience is transferable, but it hasn't worked out very well and I have a couple more interviews coming up.
  10. Ele_123

    RN license without Nursing major

    Sadly, I'm not in California, I was hoping there might be other states with that option. I talked with someone at the BON and they want the major to explicitly say "Nursing". They won't look at actual courses on the transcript. I'm in the midwest & it's actually pretty great because the cost of living is so cheap. I've found two LPN-ADN programs, one LPN-BSN, one accelerated ADN, and one accelerated ADN within an hour drive. Another issue is that some programs require your LPN education to be from an accredited LPN program not an RN program. One of the community colleges a couple of these programs are at only requires an addition 15 hours for a second degree instead of 30.
  11. Ele_123

    Doctor's lying about telephone order

    I work at a couple small specialty hospitals and they use paper charting. I was surprised and mentioned it to a couple managers and they said that although CMS requires EMR if a facility does not comply they have to pay a fine or get less reimbursement (I forget which one) and for a lot of small facilities it is cheaper to pay the fine than to pay for the EMR system, upkeep, and tech support. Kind of like the fact health insurance is "required" for all Americans, but for many it is cheaper to pay the tax penalty than to pay the premiums.
  12. Ele_123

    RN license without Nursing major

    If a BSN was my first bachelor's degree, I would only need 8 credits to meet all of the course requirements of a BSN, but since I opted to go ahead a get a bachelor's degree in science after 5 years I would still only need those 8 credit hours to meet the course requirements of a BSN, but since it would be my second degree I would have to take an extra 22 credits of random classes to qualify for a second degree with Nursing listed as a major. Colleges can't give you a second degree unless you have 30 credits in addition to what already counted towards your first degree, so I just can't take those 8 credits to get a degree with Nursing listed as a major. I hope that makes more sense.
  13. Ele_123

    RN license without Nursing major

    Hopefully the title doesn't scare people away or make them think I'm lazy looking for a shortcut. After 5 years at a private college working towards a BSN I was 8 credit hours short of having a nursing major and was given the option of still graduating and just having a plain science major. After paying for 5 years of private school, a pile of student loans, the need to work full-time, a negative education environment, etc. I decided to go ahead and graduate with a major in science instead of waiting a year, taking the other 8 credit hours, having an extra $10,000 of student loans, not being able to work full-time, and being surrounded with negativity. I was able to get an LPN license through the education equivalency program and have been successfully employed as an LPN, but with the lack of job opportunities and desire to advance my career/education, I'm regretting my decision of graduating with a major in science instead of waiting. In order to get a second degree with a major in Nursing I have to take an extra 30 credit hours. Has anyone had any success showing the BON that they have met all the course requirements for a BSN/ASN, but don't have the extra 30 credit hours for a second degree so their transcript doesn't list nursing as a major?
  14. Ele_123


    Loosen the powder from the vial. Break the seal and add saline to the vial and lightly mix. Allow to sit in pt. med drawer/IV med bin/your pocket for approx. 15 minutes while you do assessments, take vitals, chart, or gather other meds. Shake to mix while walking to room, charting with other hand, talking to pt. or talking with co-worker. I find that after it is done sitting most of the medication is already dissolved and there are only a couple small clumps left, and multi-tasking while mixing makes it feel like it goes faster.
  15. Ele_123

    Pt. regurgitated/vomited NG tube

    I've always worked with adults. I heard it was possible & thought it could be physically, but never experienced it & the doctor wasn't quite sure either. We just pulled it and dropped another one.