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New Job during COVID-19


Has 6 years experience.

Blindly accepting job offer?

I have a med-surg job offer at a large hospital in the metropolitan area. I am an LPN and acute care is extremely tough to get- I've been looking for a full-time for over a year. Due to COVID-19 I only had a telephone interview. I have never had clinicals at the hospital, had friends or family as patients, or worked with prior nurses from that hospital. I would be accepting the job blindly. At the same time the manager is offering me a job only knowing me from paper & the phone interview. It is not possible for me to shadow/observe or meet anyone in person due to COVID-19.

This makes me nervous, but it is an amazing opportunity to pass up. It is not located in an outbreak hotspot. Though the hospital could get COVID-19 patients it isn't a designated treatment hospital. The nurse to patient ratio is typical, but the tech to patient is higher than when I was a tech(ortho unit), but maybe the patients require less physical assistance? Thinking of questions to ask before them before I make an ultimate decision.

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