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Exciting Changes Coming To allnurses

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allnurses.com's vision is to empower, unite and advance every nurse, student and educator. Therefore, it is important for us to listen to your comments, input, and suggestions. We have listened, and we are very excited to announce that exciting changes are coming.

Exciting Changes Coming To allnurses

To do this we need to change. We need to start thinking outside of the box.

UPDATE Dec 19, 2018: Starting Dec 23, allnurses.com and the Breakroom will temporarily disable signing in and posting on the site for maintenance.

In no particular order, here's a snapshot of the top 10 suggested areas for improvement...

  1. Search
  2. Page Speed
  3. Content Discovery (eg, nurse may just want nurse related topics)
  4. Problems with Signing In
  5. Lost Passwords
  6. Lost Posts (ie. Can't find my post, Can't find topic)
  7. Faulty Editor
  8. Hard to follow anything
  9. Too many ads
  10. Old topics bumped

We agree with all of the above!!!

As with all great advances and improvements, there will be change. Change that may affect the way information is delivered to you, our valued members. We think the changes will give you a richer experience.

*The following will be affected...

  1. Post Count
  2. Saved Private Messages
  3. Saved Signatures
  4. Smilies/Avatars

Post Count

Your Post Counts could change. Two reasons why this may happen ...

  1. Deleted and merged posts were previously counted in your Post Counts. After the upgrade, these will no longer be counted in your Post Count total.
  2. allnurses and the Breakroom are separate sites but they use the same database. When we upgrade, each site will use its own database. This means that Post Count will differ per site. For example, if your Post Count is 12,000 but 5,000 is from the Breakroom your new allnurses Post Count will drop to 7,000 and your Breakroom Post Count will be 5,000.

Private Messages and Signatures...

The number of private messages and signatures in our database is excessive and most are from inactive members. Neither will be moved over to the new system. We recommend reviewing your Private Messages and download those that are important to you. You have until December 20 to do this.

For those who have the Signature option, you will be able to create a new signature.


We will be using industry standard Emojis. Emojis work across mobile and desktop devices.

Emoji Features

  1. Many to choose from.
  2. You can search for emojis.
  3. Skin tone modifier fully supported for emojis.
  4. Can be resized.
  5. Autocomplete Short Codes (eg. :grin🙂 and ASCII emoticons (eg. :D) now available

Some smilies will be dropped. But, most smilies have an equivalent Emoji.


We will no longer provide a set of avatars to choose from. Everyone will be assigned a new avatar with the first letter of their username. All uploaded avatars will be moved over to the new system. But to be safe, we recommend you download your favorite avatar(s) to your computer for later use.


New Comprehensive Search Engine

  1. The latest in search engine technology with advanced search features such as synonyms, stemming**, and misspellings.
  2. Precise controls for finding what you need.
  3. Search Members, Topics, School, Products, etc
  4. Fast results

**stemming (example) when searching for the keyword "walking" the system will also look up "walked" and "walk"

New Robust Cache System

Improved page speeds across all devices.

New Content Discovery Engine

  1. Allows you to see the content you are most interested in. For example, you will now be able to follow content posted by people you most admire, sections that you visit frequently, etc.
  2. 'Save Actions' and reuse the same filters for the next time you visit.

New Powerful WYSIWYG Editor

  1. Drop-n-Drag uploads
  2. Rich embeds that will automatically embed a rich preview in a post when adding links from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any content on the site.

Members will now be able to Mention other members simply by typing @name. When using @name, the mentioned person will be notified, if they have opted to receive notifications.

Improved Security & Privacy

All members can protect their accounts using Two Factor Authentication.

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for your account to ensure that you're the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your password.

All members can log in using their Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn accounts.

In addition, we will now offer alerts to you for unusual account activities. For example, if someone tries to login using your credentials at a different location or device.

Changing your lost password is now more user-friendly.

Robust Profile/Account

This is YOUR space. You will be able to...

  1. Status Updates ( aka Activity Wall - where you, your friends, followers, and community can share, learn, and interact with each other )
  2. Update your Notification Settings.
  3. Update your Security Settings.
  4. Update your Personal Information.
  5. Manage Membership Account.
  6. Manage your Followed Content.
  7. Search past Activities.

A new Notifications System that will help members stay updated with new content. Members will now be able to follow everything on the site. The power to customize - which notification and where to send - is set per individual.

Fewer Ads! Our goal is to get the average of ads displayed per page to 3. On long pages, you may see a max 5 ads. On very short pages, just 1 ad.

We will also offer a new membership that provides 100% Ad-Free experience with many extra perks.


Our goal with the new system is to improve your community, identify and recognize site leaders, and highlight great content. We know you will love all the improvements coming to allnurses.com.

ETA 2019


Joe V is a web programmer and obstacle racing enthusiast. “It’s gratifying to teach others what you know. At the same time, it’s very satisfying to learn from others.”

185 Likes, 8 Followers, 6 Articles, 90,097 Visitors, and 1,690 Posts.

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Some examples on what you can do with your profile...

Mary's ProfileSafetynurse'S Profile.jpgTraumarus' Profile

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New features...

Manage Sidebar - This option will allow you to control what content is found in the sidebar.

Great for nurses who just want to see nurse discussions.

Great for students who just want to see student topics.

Interested in nursing jobs from California only? Yep, you can control that to. 🙂

Notes - A very handy tool. I use it to improve the site. For example, if I see something that needs attention I can leave a note and come back to it later. You can use it to keep notes of pages where you find great tips, advice, etc.

Manage Sidebar

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With all the fake news, bad advice, and fear spreading on the Web we want to ensure our readers that they are reading shared content from authentic public figures. To do this we came up with our Verified Account program.

(New) Verified Account program

A first for us ... The Verified badge lets people know that allnurses has confirmed that this is an authentic account for the public figure, innovator, or brand.

More information will be revealed on a later date...

Verified Account Program

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Sorry but I do not believe with these new contacts and mergers with other social media that we will improve "Improved Security & Privacy ".

I belong to very few sites but on running a check,I see alot of personal info that was never willingly provided on a info site,and associations of some very negative unfounded false beliefs based on Im guessing profiling.

Hope this will not happen here.

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I hope all nurses users will always have the option of always being anonymous, part of the reason why I think this site is successful is because people can come on this site and vent anonymously. I would hate for that to change.

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I hope all users will always have the option of always being anonymous, part of the reason why I think this site is successful is because people can come on this site and vent anonymously. I would hate for that to change.

We agree with you. Our strongest asset is anonymity.

I think you'll find the options are stronger ... clearer ... No gray area.

For example, there's no longer a need for a 'privacy setting'*. We grouped information that we collect from you into two groups:

  • Private Information - Any information shared here is protected. Only visible to Admins.
  • Public Information - Any information shared here can be viewed by the public (Guests/Members).

(*We've learned that the current 'Privacy Settings' option can be confusing to members.)

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Sounds exciting, I'm going to be looking forward to it...:)

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How do I save my Avatar?

To save any image, move your cursor over the image and Right-click > Save Image As...

Save to your local machine/device ... then on new system, you can upload the avatar, keep the new avatar 'K' generated for you, or upload a new one

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Under "What's New" tab, it would be nice to be able to search by thread start date. Currently, it is listed by last post date. I don't really care about a thread that has been dead for 5 years, but a new member decides to post a question to the OP that hasn't posted in 4 yrs.

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