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  1. Sunday Breakfast Recipes

    I'm looking for recipes to submit to an event at my church to assist families (esp, those with young children) to prepare for quick breakfasts on Sunday morning, something nutritious, quick, easy. Something that will help the children look fwd to it,...
  2. Essential Oils & Aromatherapy In the Workplace

    You will want to investigate the Planetree Hospital philosophy of care. They use essential oils and are up to date on their standard of care in the holistic aspects of the view of care.
  3. Exciting Changes Coming To allnurses

    Sounds exciting, I'm going to be looking forward to it...:)
  4. Totally, Totally, agree here, there is no nursing shortage, there is a shortage of administration that has common sense!! They want money in there pockets. There are plenty of nurses out there, but they are either leaving in droves, or getting out!! ...
  5. RN Health Coaching

    Have you taken this course yourself, do you know if it then prepares you to pass the certification exam within the American Holistic Nurses Association?
  6. Behavioral Interviews Explained: Tips and Tricks

    Excellent article!! Gives me a lot of ideas. This is so true of how interviews usually go too. I like the "STAR" method. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Get Linked: 6 Reasons Nurses Need a LinkedIn Profile

    Wow, I had no idea... I have a profile, but never really did anything with it...
  8. I've been an RN for 27 years, in 5 different states. Love nursing, loved my jobs. But you are right. We are very unprofessional when it comes to getting along with our co-workers!! Love this article
  9. Travel Nurse Turns to Career in Functional Medicine

    Thank you for this article. Wonderful read!! I'm new to the idea of functional medicine. What is the take on insurances for that?
  10. Code Status Errors Can Be Prevented

    I'm glad that you felt the need to bring this topic up. You are correct in the scenario. I have seen it many, many time thru the 27 years of nursing. However, I resent JACHO!! Putting big government and rules on issues are not the answers to everythi...
  11. I had no idea that anything like this existed. Thanks for sharing this article!!
  12. Design Thinking in the Hospital

    Yes, we have time to think of the great ways to improve things! I think that some people have that type of personality/temperament. But most management and administrators are not open to new ideas for sure!!
  13. Domestic violence

    I, personally, would go for the jugular. Go for the heart of the matter. What is REALLY bothering him. Is he depressed? Is he worried about finances? Is he under pressure at the job? Are his parents ill? Is he ill and doesn't want to acknowledge it? ...
  14. Create a Meme - WIN $250! Nurses Week Contest 2018

    Nurse's thoughts: "Ok, I'm just going to stand here and try to look normal."
  15. As a brand new RN, I tried to do EVERYTHING by the book/chart. When reading off the paper admission intake, the question came "Have you ever had a testicular exam?" which I promptly asked exactly as asked. Pt: (27 years old) "Well, yes, I do rememb...