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I'm looking for recipes to submit to an event at my church to assist families (esp, those with young children) to prepare for quick breakfasts on Sunday morning, something nutritious, quick, easy. Something that will help the children look fwd to it, yet help them think clearly and sit still during the service.

Any help would be appreciated!!



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Cheese grits with bacon crumbles. Not an athlete’s breakfast but not too bad and it’s easy and filling.

And you know they aren’t going to eat it if it’s too nutritious.

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On 1/27/2019 at 3:06 PM, Gods_nurse said:

Something that will help the children look fwd to it, yet help them think clearly and sit still during the service.

If you find a breakfast food that makes kids sit still you would definitely be God’s Nurse in my house!

We pretty much rotate 3 breakfasts in the house. On the days that I work, it’s always steel cut oats in the crockpot with some choices about what to stir in (e.g. fruit, almond butter, cinnamon, raisins, applesauce etc . . .) if I wanted to make it special I’d add chocolate chips to the mix in choices.

If I am home to cook breakfast, it’s usually either scrambled eggs with fruit smoothies, or pancakes that I’ve doctored up with bananas and whole grain.

But for us, church service means leaving 2 hours later than we’re out the door for school on a weekday, and 3 hours later than I’d leave for a shift, so it’s the morning you’re most likely to find me making pancakes or turning those eggs into omelettes.

Let me know if you want recipes!

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I think you want easy and low in price.

Peanut butter toast. If the peanut butter is served heated a it changes the taste and texture which will make it new and exciting to children.

Take sour cream and mix it with ranch dressing. This will make a thick flavorful dip serve with cut vegetables.

Eggs and fried lunch meat and potatoes. The lunch meat (depending on what you buy) is cheaper than bacon and you will have more per package than other breakfast meats. This can be served sperate in a wrap, and so on.


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In our house cereal (cold or instant oatmeal) is usually what happens. My oldest prefers Carnation Instant Breakfast because she finds solid food disagreeable before 10am. My other would be happy with frozen waffles. Pretty much everyone is on their own to grab and go, or not.

With very young children scrambled eggs are quick and hearty. Buttered toast served with a heaping scoop of apple sauce and sprinkled with cinnamon. Overnight oats with fruit are quick and delicious. Children often like yogurt parfaits. These can be made ahead of time and can include granola or other cereal and fresh fruit. Children can help make them (and will be more likely to eat) and are easy to grab and go on the busiest morning.