Excited about starting nursing school this spring


I was wondering if anyone else out there will be starting nursing school this spring. At first I was really nervous about it but now I'm excited and ready to get my career started. I am an older student (30), not too old. I would love to know how yall r feeling about starting nursing school.

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Yep. I start in January. I am 37 and a second career student, and pretty much a career student in general. This time around, I have been in school for 6 years straight while working full time and traveling back and forth across the country for my job.

I am really excited and nervous. I am nervous because I intend to keep working (No more traveling and I work from home and set my own hours). I am nervous because I hear it is excruciatingly hard and a time suck and I do not want to fail. I am nervous because what if I am making the worst decision ever? I am nervous because what if I injure someone? I am nervous because what if I hate it? I am nervous because what if no one likes me? (I know - way too old, grown up, and mature to be concerned about that, right?)

But I am excited because I have so many plans for myself and what I want out of my career. I am excited because those plans may go poof if I find something better. I am excited because there are so many opportunities for someone with a nursing experience combined with my general background. So many concerns, but so many possibilities when I make it through. And really, so many reasons to go to happy hour. :)


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I start my nursing program in january....I am 29 years old...I agree I was very nervous at first...now I am more on the excited side of things. I finally feel like I know what I am supposed to be doing with my life.....and I am excited to get in there and get started


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I will start in Jan and I will be 30yrs in March. I was very excited at first, but now I'm nervous hahaha...I can't decide that I schould keep a job or quit!

I'm starting in January too. I'm 33 years old, so not too old to begin a second career. I am feeling a healthy mix of excitement and fear, especially since I am doing a total career switch in moving from an arts educator position to nursing!


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I am starting Jan 5 and I am 32 years young. I am super excited and a ball of nerves! It is super exciting to be starting this chapter in my life, I am just nervous because I don't know what to expect (it's an accelerated program). Once I get the first week or two over with I know I will be fine.

Congrats to all of us starting this spring! And good luck!

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Congrats to all of you! Daring to dream your life can change directions!

Nerves are okay, just gives you incentive to work hard and pay attention to details. Yes, NS is a time consuming, concentrated whirlwind; but your faculty is there to teach you how to be safe caregivers, we are vested in not allowing you to injure people. You have life experiences to bring with you (unlike me, in NS at 18 and totally naive :) ).

It isn't so much "excruciatingly hard" as it is a different way of thinking and looking at things. A fact by itself isn't as useful, knowing what to do with that fact is what nursing is about.

Again, congratulations and welcome to our whacky world!


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Congratulations to all of you, it is exciting and nerve wrecking all at the same time but we will get through this and then we r going to be posting about the Nclex before u know it. Thanks for the advice @JBudd.


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Congrats to everyone! I'll be starting in January as well and I'm 36. Totally agree that's it's very nice to feel like I know what I want to be doing for the rest of my life now. I'm so excited to get started and a bundle of nerves too!


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Congratulations, everyone! I am also starting in January. I am 33, and have been chipping away at my pre-requisites part time for several years now. I am both excited to be finally getting to the core nursing classes (and to have actually gotten in!) and really nervous.


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Wow, it is good to know that I'm not alone!!!!

Congrat to all of us :)


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Hi ya'll! I'll be 26 in January and starting the nursing program in January! I'm really excited! I've been trying since January 2014 so it's such a relief I'm in! My journey starts in less than two months! I'm also really nervous but I know that my hard work has paid off in the past and I will continue to work hard! Continue your motivation future nurses! God bless!