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I have recently applied to St Lukes Hospital and interviewed for the position and was told that I was no longer being considered because their "system" did not recognize online programs. Has anyone else had this problem in the Houston area.

Thanks for responding.

FYI, I was a LVN for 6yrs and RN for 7 years.

I posted earilier but I have not recieved a response. I was wondering if anyone else as had this problem of not being considered for a position simple because you complete your degree online.

Has anyone had this experience that you were taking out of consideration b/c you didn't complete a traditional program.

A major hospital in the Houston area gave me that reason for not hiring me.

your question is not clear, what type of online course did you complete, lpn to rn, bsn, msn?? and where are you looking/ have you applied to, did they deny you a job on the basis that you graduated from an online school or that the school wasnt accredited?? elaborate more on your question and you will get helpful answers. thanx

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It's tough all over for new grads ... sometimes they need an excuse to weed out applicants, like GPA or where you went to school. I was hired into the ED as an EC grad, and I know several EC grads who work in Texas. Keep trying!

I have never had this problem before I grad in 2003 and was and LVN for 6 yrs. It was just shocking to here that b/c I didn't go through a tradition program I would not be considered.

Thanks for replying noctanol. I had posted the full story and did not get a reply. I completed Excelsior program ASN in 2003 and before that was a LVN for 6 yrs. I have never been told b/c I completed an Online program for my RN that I would not be considered for employment.

noctanol, it was st lukes hospital, this is what she said;

"thank you for interviewing with xxxx and i. our system does not recognize nursing degrees for on-line programs, therefore we will not be able to proceed in the recruitment process. thanks!"

has this ever happen to anyone else?

what other hospital in the houston area wont hire you if you completed an rn program online?

Sorry to hear that this happened to you but I am not surprised that this excuse came up as employers look for novel ways to "distinguish" between those they want to hire and those they do not. I have not met anyone who had this problem. As a matter of fact my friend told me she got her first new RN job because of graduating from Excelsior. Look at it this way, you would not want to work at a place where you were not respected because of where you went to school. Aim higher.

I'm can't believe they even admitted their reason not to hire you. Sounds a little discriminatory.

Hi! O'SheaRN

That's what I thought too, I looked on the EEOC website but that is not one of there categories. I could understand if the school was not accredited, but not b/c it's an online program.

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Hi RNinfamily

One thing that may help you in this situation is to remember that Excelsior used to be called Regents College, and a lot of nurse managers would most likely remember it under that name, and most likely have worked with a Regents Grad.

On my first interview, I was presented with the 'I've never heard of Excelsior College' I regrouped and told her that Excelsior was part of SUNY State University of New York and it was formerly called Regents College, she then told me she has worked with Regents nurses and they were good nurses.

I don't know if this helps, but any information during an interview is helpful

Good Luck

Steve RN

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