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  1. Excelsior Grad

    Hi! O'SheaRN That's what I thought too, I looked on the EEOC website but that is not one of there categories. I could understand if the school was not accredited, but not b/c it's an online program.
  2. Excelsior Grad

    noctanol, it was st lukes hospital, this is what she said; "thank you for interviewing with xxxx and i. our system does not recognize nursing degrees for on-line programs, therefore we will not be able to proceed in the recruitment process. thanks!...
  3. Excelsior Grad

    Thanks for replying noctanol. I had posted the full story and did not get a reply. I completed Excelsior program ASN in 2003 and before that was a LVN for 6 yrs. I have never been told b/c I completed an Online program for my RN that I would not be c...
  4. Excelsior Grad

    I have never had this problem before I grad in 2003 and was and LVN for 6 yrs. It was just shocking to here that b/c I didn't go through a tradition program I would not be considered.
  5. Excelsior Grad

    Has anyone had this experience that you were taking out of consideration b/c you didn't complete a traditional program. A major hospital in the Houston area gave me that reason for not hiring me.
  6. Excelsior Grad

    I posted earilier but I have not recieved a response. I was wondering if anyone else as had this problem of not being considered for a position simple because you complete your degree online.
  7. Excelsior Grad

    I have recently applied to St Lukes Hospital and interviewed for the position and was told that I was no longer being considered because their "system" did not recognize online programs. Has anyone else had this problem in the Houston area. Thanks fo...
  8. CM Interview

    I went to an interview on last Thursday after working a 12hr night shift and not taking a nap before the interview. I was afraid I would over sleep or be to cloudy in the head from lack of enough sleep that I would not may a good impression. I am not...
  9. Triage Nursing

    What kind of information are you looking for?
  10. Is it common for shunts....?

    Thanks Chatty-rn and Penem10 for replying. We will check in to a fistulogram.
  11. Rn to BSN

    I am an Excelsior graduated and realize that California does not except Excelsior for endorsement but I was wonder if I complete the RN-BSN thru a different program would the BON accept the last transcript and allow endorsement Thanks for your reply...
  12. Is it common for shunts....?

    It was suggested she see a dermatologist to "soften" the areas. Has anyone heard of this and has this worked before?
  13. GAB Robins North America INC

    Thanks for replying MamaKitty13214 I am a big patient advocate so maybe an insurance company is not the right place for me. Although, I am sure that I want to do case management. We will see.... Thanks again :nuke:
  14. Is it common for shunts....?

    Hi! Chatty Rn They are rotating the sites because she has scarring/hard nodules alone the fistula. I will have her inquire about using EMLA cream and if the are using buttonhole technique. Thanks for responding. :nuke:
  15. Is it common for shunts....?

    Thank you for responding. She has a fistula.