Excelsior BSN or MSN


Has anyone gone this route?

When I pass the boards I plan to continue on. There are several programs that are far more clinical than Excelsior, but then, I am no longer on the floor.

I guess my question is, was the degree respected? Should I go what will definitely be, for me, the easier route and do Excelsior or should I suck it up and do a few more courses and go Stony Brook and another of the SUNY DL nursing programs?

I appreciate the input.

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I looked at EC's BSN (not sure I want to do the MSN thing just now), but I was a little put off that they won't evaluate my stats class syllabus from 1991 to satisfy the statistics requirements until I officially enroll. They said something like, "It looks promising, but we'll have to wait until you enroll for the official evaluation." Ummmmm ... no.

I've looked at a ton of RN-BSN programs, and the one that really holds my attention at this point is Chamberlain's RN-BSN. It's pretty expensive, but looks great to me. bzmom recommended them as well, and another EC RN I know from here and in person (ag01medic) is just finishing his RN-BSN through them.

I think I'd like a little school experience outside the EC realm for now. I can always look at them for the MSN later, if I decide to go that route.

I know this doesn't really answer your question, but you know how I like to run my mouth ... or fingers, as the case may be. :D

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That stats thing would bite, Lisa! Paying the enrollment fee just to have them evaluate the syllabus is robbery. I had them look at my stuff unofficially for the BSN, but they had no issues with accepting my stats. However, I finished it this year from the University of Iowa, and it was upper-level credit by UI's standards. I don't know if any of that matters much or a lot or what. I do know the textbook for the stats class I took is older than me. :)

Suesquatch, what are your plans for the BSN?

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stats :barf01:

They have an RN-MSN in nursing informatics, which is what I now do.


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I like stats...but I am a humongous nerd. :chuckle

Lunah- that would tick me off re: EC not eval'ing your stats course. I would definitely put my foot down. You have already been a student with them, so they should allow you to have that done before you enroll.

Sue- are you going to do the informatics RN-MSN?

Sue- are you going to do the informatics RN-MSN?

That's what I'm considering, yeah.


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I am thinking about Chamberlain also, it is expensive, but for me SUNY Dehli would cost more, plus they have a mandatory tuition deferral basically, so that should help.

Also what you see is what you get. You go to them with a an RN licence, and you only have to take the classes that they list in that order, and you'll be done in a year. Straight and to the point, I really like that.

I don't plan on going with EC because I only want to face one CPNE like experience.


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I did my ASN through Regents (Excelsior) and then went through a WONDERFUL RN-BSN program at Oklahoma Panhandle State University.

Not expensive and they know your name.

I am now just about through an on line MSN program with focus in Nursing Education through Tennessee Regents on line degree program. RODP. It is not that expensive and a great program.

Any on line or distance program, you get out what you put in. Very Important to remember that. It is not the easy way out, but it is accepted as a degree no matter where you are.

Good Luck

I think I'm going to go with Stony Brook. No enrollment fee, $181 a credit for NYS residents, VERY respected program, and the one I've really wanted to do all along, anyway. I can then do a clinical masters, as an NO, should I decide to go that route, and I would like to at least have that option. I'm in a rural area and plan to stay rural (and goodness knows I never thought THAT would happen!) and could really be of value to and make money in such an area as an NP.

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Sounds awesome, Sue!! :)

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That sounds cheaper than EC, and you won't have to pay almost $900 to get a credit evaluation, huh?

Whatever you pick, Sue, you'll rock.

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