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That sounds cheaper than EC, and you won't have to pay almost $900 to get a credit evaluation, huh?

EC discounts the enrollment fee if you enroll in another degree program within a year of finishing the ADN, but ... meh. They want me to take 10 credits (including statistics, unless they'd accept my old stats credit, in which case it would be 8 credits) of general ed, which I think is BS ... I have a ton of credits -- English, history, journalism (my former major), German (grammar and composition, conversational, and literature), speech, psychology (both intro and abnormal), anthropology, geology, botany, math (college algebra, and statistics!!), classical piano, fitness and wellness, physical education, and information technology ... good grief. I think I have the general ed. stuff covered, for crying out loud!! With a cumulative GPA of about 3.86 for all that. And some of those were junior level classes, too! Grrr.

Sorry, I don't mean to hijack this thread with my disgruntled-ness. I'll knock it off now :D


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I'm doing my BSN through Indiana Wesleyan University right now. It's a great program, the only complaints I have is that it is on the expensive side and it does take almost two years to complete because you only do one class at a time. I did not have to have statistics, which was great! They excepted alot of transfer credit without a problem, which was also great.


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I'm glad you're a Stats nerd because I will need a tutor after the CPNE (if I pass).:cool:

I like stats...but I am a humongous nerd. :chuckle

Lunah- that would tick me off re: EC not eval'ing your stats course. I would definitely put my foot down. You have already been a student with them, so they should allow you to have that done before you enroll.

Sue- are you going to do the informatics RN-MSN?

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