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  1. mandasueRN

    How to become gov't nurse

    There are a ton of non-bedside jobs in the government healthcare systems, both in the VA and the DoD. You'll find all kinds of healthcare's administration jobs, case management jobs, etc throughout. Also don't forget that nurses work for the CDC, FEMA, CMS, USDA, FDA.....and so on. Check out usajobs.gov as the OP stated. Type in "0610" in the search bar-that's the job series # for nurses. You'll find hundreds of nursing jobs there all over the world, bedside and non-bedside. Best of luck.
  2. mandasueRN

    What EMAR charting software does VA use?

    Also, the VA's EHR is called VistA. OP is correct, it's only used at the VA. DoD currently has their own systems. The VA will eventually implement a version of the Cerner product developed for DoD known as MHS Genesis. It will be another 10+ years before it's fully deployed.
  3. mandasueRN

    What EMAR charting software does VA use?

    You are incorrect about VA employee benefits-as a VA employee, you are eligible for the Federal Employees Retirement System, known as FERS. Like other government employees, you get a pension after working the required # of years. You are also eligible to participate in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), which is a 401K. The government matches up to 5%. Pay is difficult to predict in the VA system, as it isn't as clear as the GS pay scale, but it is generally competitive with civilian hospitals. You will never get retirement benefits working in the civilian sector like you will working in federal service-but you will also have to be willing to put up with a lot of BS sometimes in order to make it to retirement.
  4. mandasueRN

    Patient Transfers from ED

    Anybody out there allow patient's to be "transferred" from their ED to another facility (hospital, inpatient psych, etc.) via POV? Thanks!
  5. mandasueRN

    Triage Handoff

    Our ED recently had a patient with a bad outcome after mis-triage. One of the things administration wants us to do to prevent such an event from happening again is to develop a written triage hand-off tool. I have never worked in an ED with any sort of formal triage hand-off. The off going triage nurse always briefs the on coming triage nurse about patients waiting--like who needs to come back first, if any patients are already in X-ray, etc. Does anyone out there formally document triage hand-off at shift change? If so, how do you do it? I think our administration is being unrealistic!
  6. mandasueRN

    Using Demerol in the ED

    I was wondering how many of you work in ED's that no longer use Demerol for pain mangement? If you do not use Demerol currently, what happened to take it out of your ED? The reason I am asking is I am currently working in an ED that uses a lot of Demerol for pain. I personally HATE giving the drug--pt's get sick (even when it is given with an anti-emetic), they become verrrry sleepy, etc. We have had more adverse reactions to Demerol in the past few weeks than I can count. I would like to approach our nurse manager and the physician's group about taking it out of our pyxis, but I want to have evidence to back up my request. I have tried searching the net for any scholarly-type articles about the subject, but can't find any. Anybody have any suggestions?
  7. mandasueRN

    New RN.. not so familiar with the system !

    if you are looking for civillian jobs for the department of the army, go to the army civillian jobsite at www.cpol.army.mil. there are actually a few postings for jobs at fort benning right now--just go to the employment link and then click "search for jobs." you can limit your search to the state of georgia and also limit by occupational series, which for nursing is "0610." also, if you want to check into contract jobs, spectrum healthcare resources does a lot of staffing for the army facillites you can search their website at http://www.shrusa.com. good luck in your job search!
  8. mandasueRN

    Largest ED in the US

    I worked at a 110 bed level I ED in Georgia that sees 120,000 patients a year. They say they are the busiest ED east of the Mississippi River.
  9. I hope all of you guys hang in there and I have faith that this issue will be resolved in the state of Georgia. I'm a successfull 2006 EC graduate and I will be writting Gov. Purdue to thank him for his support of the college. I know that all EC alumni feel the same way--even though I am not in the terrible position that you guys are, this is an attack on ALL Excelsior graduates, because this affects our reputation. Hang in there!:redpinkhe
  10. mandasueRN

    But I LIKE My Colleagues

    Medic, I totally understand what you are talking about. I'm having to leave my new job of three months because my husband transferred 2 1/2 hours away from where we live now. I am totally bummed about it because it has been the first place that I actually enjoyed working! The staff was great, really worked together as a team and made it a joy to come to work everyday. Those kinds of environments are few and far between , so when you find one, you really hate to leave. I can only hope that I can find a job in an ED as great as the one I had!
  11. mandasueRN

    Hospital Pay

    The extern program is for nursing students in their final semesters of clinicals. It is a program designed to allow you to recieve hands on and classroom experience in the hospital before you graduate and take the NCLEX. I believe at Grady you rotate through different areas, but I could be wrong. The RN Residency is for new grad nurses, and involves classroom time along with a preceptorship in your area. For the ER, it is 6 months. The length varies in other areas.
  12. mandasueRN

    Hospital Pay

    I was not an employee when I was hired for the RN Residency back in 2007. It is possible that things have changed. Like the other poster said, Grady has a new CEO right now, and he is cutting things right and left. I don't see how the residency could be affected, because they actually recieved a grant to pay for the program. What department are you looking for? It could just be that they have already started the residency class for that particular speciality and the recruiter was telling you that you could extern until then. If you extern there, I would say you have a very good chance of getting a residency spot. Grady is hurting for nurses, don't let that recruiter tell you otherwise. Some departments have a 30% RN vacancy rate, and the CEO has stated that he wants agency nurses out by January. Grady is a great place to learn, but an absolute headache to work for.
  13. mandasueRN

    Hospital Pay

    Grady is around $22/hr for new grads and yes they have a RN residency program--that is until they decide to change things, which they are doing a lot of here lately.
  14. Did you find all the info you needed? I worked at a trauma center and saw FAST exams done on a daily basis, I can help explain it further if needed.
  15. mandasueRN

    Augusta area jobs

    Benefits are not important, because the job my husband will be taking will be at Ft. Gordon--he will be civil service. I'm just looking for a good hospital that is good to its nurses. Of course, I could be looking for the impossible! How is pay comparable to the metro ATL area?
  16. mandasueRN

    Aiken Regional Medical Center

    Anybody got any good information on the hospital in Aiken? My husband has been offered a job at Fort Gordon in Augusta, and we are looking for the best places to live around there. I am an ER RN with two years of level I trauma center experience. Does anyone know what the pay is like there and if they are offering a sign on bonus? Thanks!