Eww summer school


I just need to whine a second. I have to start classes tomorrow, after my lovely 3 day break from last quarter. It is the way our program is set up.

Who else is in class this summer??

I got that out, now I feel better.


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I am starting my third week into an 18 month, around the calander program. The class for tomorrow is a 3 hour lecture on nursing research. Interesting but after about an hour and a half , I feel like the information goes in one ear and out the other.

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I have Microbiology Monday through Friday from tomorrow until August 8th, Ewwww!


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I have to agree, it would have been nice to have the summer all to myself. But the powers that be make sure we have something to do during the summer. We started pharmacology last week, but only go on Mondays so thats not to bad. In a positive note, it will not give my brain a chance to go into lazy mode which it really wants to do. Good luck to all in school this summer and have a great Fall.

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I'm enrolled in an externship course, which really consists of nothing more than keeping a tab of nursing diagnoses on my patients at "work" (MICU), plus an evaluation by my preceptor. Will be starting on a correspondence statistics course as soon as the items come in the mail. :)


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I have two classes this summer two.. I start next monday I had a week off- it does stink- mostly b/c my friends that are not in school don't understand that you are working your but off year round... but oh well, It will pay off in the end!



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We got out May 4th and started back with Adv. med/surg on the 17 of May. Crazy huh? We'll be finished with this semester July 27th and start back Aug. 17 for the fall semester! The faster it goes, the closer I am to graduation!


Organic Chemistry...4 nights a week for 7 weeks. I'm not looking forward to it. Ugh!


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Started last Monday--taking A&P I with lab, and Adolescent Psych..


Between that, volunteering in the ICU during the week, and working weekends, I'm getting about 5 hours of sleep a night, and already feel so behind!! [Our first A&P test is on 6.5 chapters, and the professor skipped the first two, leaving us to cover them by ourselves, plus keep up with her]

HAAAAAAALP! :uhoh21:

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ME. :crying2: I'm starting my 5th week out of 10. I was supposed to be off, but got into a summer program that will allow me to graduate in December instead of next May. So the suffering will be worth it, I'm sure. But right now....UGH...I can sure empathize! :uhoh3:

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i'm enrolled in a chem class that starts after 4th of july weekend, but i'm enjoying my break so much i might not go! i just enrolled in a five unit mixed chem class that starts on monday. looks like the break is over! :p

fall semster will include a&p and micro so i'd better enjoy the time off while i've got it... :uhoh3:

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maternity! ugg, not my thing but making the best of it :)

at the hospital mon 1-4 and tues 3-11 with class on friday all day 8-3

if calculated right... only 6 more weeks of summer classes.

good luck all!! :coollook: