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  1. brinley_s

    Long-awaited medical study questions the power of prayer

    We had a great discussion in my class on this last night, I personally beleive in the power of prayer, I have seen it work- I have to disagree with this study, I am not sure how scientific it is when you cannot control all of the variables of the individuals health, you cannot control if the individual is praying, or if their family is praying. You also cannot control what the individual is praying for- perhaps some of the people who fared worse or even died in the study prayed for such outcomes (people do pray for thier suffering to end). In general I do not think that prayer or faith for that matter needs to or should be tested. If you open your eyes to the powerful effect it has on many people you would see that no such study is needed.
  2. brinley_s

    Dumb Idea??

    In an ideal world wouldn't we all like to finish school first! Like I said previously I do appreciate everyone's input. I am kind of in the same situation as reidesert, I already have one degree in marketing and a great job, my husband also has a great job, the financial security and support system is not something I am worried about. I really do like to hear the input from others with children though, I know that it can be done, but I know that it is difficult.
  3. brinley_s

    Anyone here have their kids in private school....?

    I spent all of my education in a private Catholic school, pre-k through 12. My siblings all went to public school after 6th grade. I have to disagree with the poster above me. If you have researched the school and toured the classrooms then you are no doubt sure they have up to date books and equipment. I also have to disagree about the teachers being substandard. While it is true that they make much less than public school teachers, Most teachers that teach in private school do so because they love it and believe in providing a good enviroment for their students. I also think that students in private schools do better academically. As far as the volunteering goes, my parents had to volunteer 5 hours per year, it wasn't that bad split btwn the two of them. Good luck making the best decision for your child.
  4. brinley_s

    Dumb Idea??

    I want to thank everyone for their honest replies... I am trying to weigh all of my options and my husband and I are trying to make the best decision for us. What we find hard when we discuss this with other people is that it is so divided. Most of the people that have told us to wait, did college or a career change with children already, so they do not know what it is like to do it without...it is just a difficult decision, I really appreciate everyone's opinions.
  5. brinley_s


    I have found Micro to be much more difficult that A&P... chemistry is definitley needed before you can take it, it's a pre-req for the class normally... the lecture isn't too bad, but the lab is very difficult, you really have to know what you are looking at under the microscope and you have to get very familiar with the different staining techniques. Good Luck!
  6. brinley_s

    Dumb Idea??

    Since I've ran my scenario by everyone that I know, I thought I'd run it by others that are probably in my situation... I am in my last semester of pre-req's. I am waitlisted but guaranteed admission in class that begins in August 2007. Here is where some people think I am 'dumb'. I am working full time right now to save money, and I intend to continue in school at least part time taking bachelors degree classes, I am planning on quitting my job next August to focus on school full time- my husband and I would also like to try for a baby- this is where people seem to be split 50/50... some think I am dumb to have a baby now, but others say go for it. Is anyone else in this situation??? I realize that having a baby will make it more difficult, but I have been putting having a family on hold for 2 years already... input???
  7. brinley_s

    ADN or BSN

    It's definitley nice to have a neighbor!! I thought about going to EHOVE before I enrolled in pre-req's for my RN- my grandma went there and was one of the best nurses ( although I am partial!) I have a friend that is taking her pre-req's at the Firelands Campus of BGSU, she says the same thing most people say, the wait list is a bit long and it is kind of expensive, but she likes the small classes and that it's close to home.. I guess you have to get your priorities straight to decide what is most important in your program.. You will definitley have an advantage with your LPN.. I know most of the schools I have applied to save spots every year for LPN to RN students, so you probably won't have a hard time. Right now I am trying to get a scholarship to go to Lourdes or Mercy college in Toledo for my BSN, but if that doesn't work out I am going to apply to several ADN and BSN programs... I am just finishing chemistry in summer classes at Terra in Fremont so once I have that I can get my foot in the door with more schools. When do you graduate with your LPN??? Are you going back to school right away??
  8. brinley_s

    ADN or BSN

    I am in northwest ohio, in bellevue to be exact. I am probably going to be relocating to the toledo area later this year and I have just been weighing out the different options. The wait times here really stink and I think that I will be leaning more towards the BSN route becuase by the time I finish the BSN I would have just been finishing my ADN at a 2 year school... I can get kind of impatient sometimes
  9. You do have a choice which degree you choose, where there's a will there is a way... My theory on the whole ADN vs. BSN thing is that you are still eligible to sit for your RN so it doesn't really matter. I am leaning more towards a BSN program now primarly b/c I want my masters degree. I do understand your frustration, it is hard to explain to people the competiveness for the programs.. where I live it is easily a 2-3 year wait after your pre-req's for ANY nursing program. It can be slightly easier to get into a BSN program, mostly b/c they take more time and cost more money. I admire any nursing student- I see the work that goes into the program. I do however find it petty to argue NCLEX passing scores.. while a lot of students take it into consideration when choosing a school, you will only get out of nursing school what you put into it. You do have a choice.. it's YOUR education not anyone elses, I know a lot of people hate to wait (I am one of them) and hate to spend more money then need be (again, one of them) the degree you choose to pursue is entirely up to you.
  10. brinley_s

    ADN or BSN

    First off I am by no means trying to ignite the ADN vs. BSN debate. I am just trying to decide what is right for me. I am in Ohio where the wait list for ADN programs can range from 2-5 years, however there seems to be little wait for the BSN programs. I am finishing all of my pre-req's in the fall and am anxious to get accepted somewhere as I don't want to be out of school that long and then have to go back in. As far as coursework goes what is the primary difference in ciriculum between the ADN and BSN programs? Also I am looking someday to get into nursing in a NICU unit, would a BSN improve my chances of getting into such a unit? Thanks for your replys!
  11. brinley_s

    Toledo area

    I live near toledo also.. and yes the wait list is until 2008 for the ADN program.. hardly seems possible anyone would wait that long. I don't believe that UT or BG have wait lists, and you can apply for admission twice a year to these schools. Same with Mercy or Lourdes, although they are a bit more expensive that UT or BG. I am just finishing up my last few pre-req's right now and trying to decide where to go also... good luck!
  12. brinley_s

    Spanish translation

    http://medspanish.med.unr.edu/files/L&D-Gyn.pdf Try that web site- a mentor of mine that is an OB nurse sent it to me.