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  1. How far in advance do your start your essays?

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      As soon as possible
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      Just before the half way mark
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      After the half way mark
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      The night before

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I normally start my essays practically as soon as the semester starts, because this gives me longer to research and start to write them, My last lot of essays where due in last week, one of my housemates got an extension so that her essays have to be in tomorrow morning, and she has just started writing it tonight!

She does this with all our essays, sometimes collecting some articles before hand, but for the majority of the essays doing the research the night before on the internet. She stays up all night to do them out of choice not necessity.

If I did this my essays would make even less sense than normal, plus it nigs at me because she always asks for my articles or to 'look at how your wrote it, just for guidance' and then I feel like the wicked witch of the west if I say no, or I give in and give her a few of my articles, although usually the ones I didn't use in my essay.

But anyhow what I was wondering was how far in advance, real life permitting do you start your essays?

PennyLane, RN

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Usually a few days before it's due. I do the bulk of my work the night before. I've even found myself printing out my final draft 10 minutes before it's due!

I find that my writing is generally more concise and readable if I don't spend hours editing it. I usually get it "right" the first time and any subsequent attempts to improve it results in wordiness. Plus I work better under pressure.


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even if only a rough draft, i start as soon as possible. somethings i can do at the last minute, but not the night before on an essay.


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I tend to start right away. I might not get far, but I get my ideas down and begin my research.


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I intend to start early, but all of my best work comes under adrenaline-driven pressure. I get A's if I write the essays just before they're due and B's or C's if I do it any sooner.

The price I pay for an A, I guess.


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I tend to start it right away.I hate having things hang over my head.


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I usually begin the assignment soon after it's given, but the early work will be very rough--really just stream of consciousness or free writing in response to early research.

I continue to do research as the semester progresses, and figure out how it all fits together.

But it really all comes together a day or two before the assignment is due . . . that's when the paper will take its final shape. I am one of those people who edits papers to death, even doing "just one more pass" at it and printing the paper out right before class.

Angella Walker

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OH MY!!!

I start working on my papers the night before! I am not a procrastinator, I write better papers when I am under pressure. This works for a paper under 10 pages mind you. I always have recieved A's on my papers. This semester alone I have done 17 papers and have come out of this semester with a 3.5.

For me, I function/retain more information between the hours of 10-2 am. I get my best studying/paper writing done between those hours.


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I think I am leaving my essay too late, if I am still making last minute changes such as typing errors at about 22.00 the night before, I really can not understand how you can find the information needed and write an essay in just one night! Plus all our essays are 3000 words or more,which takes me quite a while to type let alone think of what to write;)

I have been known to take essay reading to work, both my NA job and in a restraunt to give me as much time to write the essay as possible.


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If I have to do any research other than the textbooks I have at home, I get that done as soon as possible so I know I have it. However, I don't look at the stuff again until a day or two before the paper is due. I did that twice this semester and got 100's on both papers.

I'm like Angella Walker - best work and retention between 10p and 2a. :) And it is hard to sustain that for more than one or two nights.


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Our essays always, (well so far at least) require articles etc that I have to get to the libary for!

My last refference list was about twenty points long, I think I own three of the books on that refference list, but the majority were articles I had photocopied from the libary.

I work better at night, and often sit up till about 3 doing my essays, but I couldn't do this, too close to the deadline, panic sets in and then I start writing drivel

jschut, BSN, RN

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I like to start immediately so I can make changes as I go along if need be....

If I waited until the last minute, I'd be a basket case! :)

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