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ER last night and the nurses!


Did anyone watch ER last night? I thought it was excellent, It really focuse around the RN's job in the hospital, touching on the teaching role the assessment, lobbying for treatments for patients and the stress of being pulled every which way. It also touched on management trying to cut hours for nurses and bring in cheaper labor and going on strike, as well as the nurse knowing more than some of the residents and having to guide them in what to do. It even showed the annoyance that nurses must have when kids only want to be doctors. Abby had a good eye roll for that one:rolleyes: It was a very engaging episode and I think was a very good portrayal of nursing in an ER today. what did you guys think?

mother/babyRN, RN

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Here is my problem with that issue, as with most of the tv shows I have seen...No doctor has ANY call on staffing. ESPECIALLY if there is a union involved, it would be nursing AND nursing's call...Dr. Romano in the real life world would not have been a factor..AND, those nurses would have been fired for deserting their patients....In the real world of nursing that was a nice attempt at trying to address issues, but a poor public perception. Doctors are NOT in charge of nurses. They have NOTHING to say about staffing AND the way Romano yells at the nurses, he would be both reported and in hot water however connected he is...

Basically VERY inaccurate portrayal....I was sadly disappointed at yet another inaccurate and inappropriate portrayal of nursing where doctors are shown as in charge.....Not the way it is or ever should be....I will still watch the show as they DO try....Wrongly....

I missed it last night, thought I was taping it but the tape ran out :( Anyone know when it re-runs?

I had mixed feelings concerning the episode, loved the part about triage (been there). As far as the cutting of hours Mother/babyRN is correct, especially since they call the hospital "County General" which implies it is a county/state run facility which usually have strong union representation, made the nurses who walked out look greedy and bitter ("Hell hath no fury like an RN scorned"), also, since when are travel RNs less expensive than regular staff. Abby taking care of Level 1 patients all by herself, so not real, and gives the impression that the MDs do all the work so you only need one ER nurse per shift. And what was up with Abby not being allowed to tell the pt about her ppnh? If I am not mistaken was she not 20 years old, as in age of majority, as in has every right to be involved in her course of treatment and know her condition? And do not even get me started about the vascular surgeon who sticks his hand in a man's abdomen and lo an behold, miraculously saves the guy just in the nick of time from a AAA! Then again it is just a TV show so I guess I will get over it until the next grossly inept episode.

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I do think ER does a great job of raising some of the issues we face everyday. It's pretty realistic and up to the minute. What I do have an issue with is that except for Abby, the nurses are,as usual, invisible. Yes, there are a number of characters they trot out whenever an order needs to be carried out. But none of the nurses except for Abby has had their character developed beyond the most sketchy outline. We know almost next to nothing about them except they seem to be there. Sound familiar? Typical treatment of the nursing profession by the media...

I want to know what was in the Dear Abby letter.

mother/babyRN, RN

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she got dumped....John wanted an unfettered life in the Congo apparently.....Now I think she wants Luca (me too), but he has Gillian, who Abby referred to as a nurse but I thought was a doctor...Does this sound like a soap opera?

I really liked the part when the med students were asked a question and Abby answered and he said "you've just been nurse slapped". It reminds me of when people say "just a nurse..."

I thought Abby not being able to open up to the patient about her dx and wanting to crack the chest on that kid was another implication that she's a doctor wannabe. I know the Abby character was in med school at one time BUT it gives the impression that she is TO GOOD TO BE A NURSE so she's wanting for that "physician brass ring", since nursing is portrayed as drugery and not as good as medicine. I enjoy the show, but I don't take it too seriously. Their portrayal of what Ob scenarios occur in the ER is TOTALLY OUT THERE! I remember one episode where they were running pit in the ER. NO WAY NOWHERE. If the ER staff thinks you might be packing a loaded uterus, it's off to L/D with you even if you have a splinter in your gluteus maximus. Personally, I'd take Carter, Luca, or preferably both!

cannoli, nbc.com has the full text of the "actual" letter

Personally, I am infuriated every time I see doctors portrayed as the "bosses" of nurses.

Unrealistic, for the most part. I worked in ED before I ruined my ankle, and it's nothing like the show.

The way they portray one nurse holding the entire dept. together, having almost all of the pts., plus the fact that she went from OB nurse to charge nurse in the ED in the blink of an eye...yeah.

The triage last night was pretty funny and realistic. When they referred to it as a "shark cage" I had to laugh...I've never heard of it called that before, but it is oh so true.

hmmm . . . Luca is cute but he's been waaaaay around the block and so . .yuck. Carter . . . well, he has some issues to deal with. I was surprised when he admitted that he had lost his virginity at 11 with an older woman who, I think, was a maid. I think that's child abuse, last time I checked anyway.

I thought the older "nurse from geriatrics" in the white cap and white uniform was pretty funny.

I agree about the nurses leaving the ER and abandoning their patients. That makes us all look pretty selfish. This was a future staffing problem that could have been handled another way.

The dynamics between the docs and nurses does leave the impression that nurses work for docs and not that we collaborate and are collegues.

But I still love it . . . .

:D steph

I guess i just saw it a different way because I was happy that they focused most of the episode on an rn and what she does. I thought it was important that they showed her catching a sign of a serious problem going on and made the attending handle it, she saved a residents life when the other two were inept, she showed up the med students and showed initiative in suggesting treatments. I just felt that it was a step in the right direction, because usually all the nurses are background characters unless it involves a love story or personal problem. just my opinion.

eak16, thanks, I'll check it out.

neneRN, BSN, RN

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I agree with smkoepke, last night's show did a great job showing that nurses don't just sit around waiting on doctor's orders to be carried out- I loved that they showed Abby doing assessments and doing interventions without the mighty doctor directing her. I'm in ER nurse and I thought the episode was a very realistic portrayal of ER nursing. (Although I do agree with the whole nurses walking out midshift abandoning pts wouldn't happen- it did bring up a point to the public that nurses are stretched too far and sometimes not compensated) This is the first episode that really focused on the nurse rather than the doctor- I was impressed with that alone.

I watch Er, sometimes it gets under my skin that only Abby is the nurse with the knowhow. I do not like the way Romano yells, and has complete disregard for staff/patients. In real life, Abby, as CN would be assigning and jump in to help but the other nurses would be more involved with each patient, Codes are a big affair, as we all know, but a general ER patient would be managed by the ER nurses. The suspension was justified due to the "break" but it did not relate the issue that way. Yes, I have had to nurse slap some new residents, even my son in law once, but I tried to do it in a nicer way. I think the romance between Carter and Abby was a sorry spark anyway. Lucca is too brooding for me. I know the part about the cardiac specialist was just too over the top, but man, I found him nice to look at. That Elizabeth sure knows how to pick them. Mark and now this gut. I think the audience was tired of Asian doc and the black doc, all sex and no in depth feelings. I will continue to watch and cringe when something is done wrong, and try to just enjoy it for entertainment. Did anybody catch the blood being taken to the ER, we still have to do some stiff checking and it takes at least an LPN to pick ours up.

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