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Entry Level Salaries for LPN's

I can't find anything clear when I google and I have my interview tomorrow. It would be 2nd shift, entry level, nursing home LPN in NC. Is the 16-18 window appropriate? Less? More? I want to be prepared because I have been asked this question in interviews before and short changed myself. I went to one website and it said 12 dollars (???) and another that said the average was 20, so I went lower since I am entry level. Help! Thanks!

KimberlyRN89, BSN, RN

Specializes in Med-Surg/urology.

Congrats on the interview! Did you google the average salary for a LPN in your area? I think in my area it was about $45,000, which breaks down to (I believe) about $20.75/hr or something like that. So during interviews (if it came up, b/c it's not a definite that it will) I would say $20/hr.

Should I go with the average? Or less since I am entry level?

Always highball it so you have more room to negotiate when they try to bring it down.

Did you take the job? How is it going? I'm in south Ga, but have always wanted to live in NC..specifically the Cullowhee area or Western NC...I'm just curious as to how things have been going for you

Speaking on salaries; I have a question; when I graduate from LVN/LPN; do I ask for the entry level salary or because I have CNA 5 years experience should I ask for a little more.

KimberlyRN89, BSN, RN

Specializes in Med-Surg/urology.

Speaking on salaries; I have a question; when I graduate from LVN/LPN; do I ask for the entry level salary or because I have CNA 5 years experience should I ask for a little more.

I was a CNA for 3 yrs, and a requiter told me it doesn't count. Only experience you get as a licensed nurse. :(

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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My answer when asked at an interview (I was ultimately hired) was what my "perfect world" salary would be. I wasn't able to get an accurate answer as to the typical rate for the position I interviewed for should be while doing research. My perfect world $$ was not outrageously high, but it was higher than the starting salary for the position. By using the "perfect world", I think I conveyed that I was flexible and willing to "negotiate"

And no, CNA, MA, PCA, PCT, EMT or other non-nursing work experience is not taken into account when setting salary for a new graduate nurse.

Our director of our program is also on the NCBON -has told us to not accept under 17$/hr -however in a lecture the other day another teacher just told us to look up local info on salaries for an



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yeah it all depends on where u live, im in philly pa a new grad and per diem 27.21/hr but our cost of living is higher in philly than in the carolinas, to the person from georgia, whats the rate down there i have been considering moving there i have family there


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It depends on where you live.

Where I live, LPN's start out anywhere from $16-$24 an hour depending on what setting you work in.

I'm a new grad LPN working in assisted living/LTC on night shift, and making $22 an hour to start.


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Does that include if you did nursing duties- med pass, peg tube feedings, POCT, dressing changes etc as an unlicensed personell?

determining rates of pay can be all over the board. a previous poster asked if other medical/pt care experience could be factored into the mix to come out a bit higher on the pay scale.

i am working at my first job out of lpn school. i am older, having returned to school to pursue nursing after essentially "retiring" from my previous profession as a research biologist.

when interviewing/being offered my job (i work for a semi-large medical corporation), the payroll manager and i sat down at her desk. she opened up an employee pay tracker program of some sort. she asked me questions like how many years of total work experience i had; what if any health care experience i had; all college work, including non-nursing; etc.

push a button, ka-chink, ka-chink - and voila! i came out at level 8 on the lpn scale (there are 16 pay levels for my classification, ranging from $19.75 to $30, or some such thing). yowzaaa! i was not entering at the bottom, which i thought for sure i would be.

it's not always possible to know how much you'll be earning unless you know how prospective employers determine rate of pay. i know when i applied for the job, i didn't know squat, but i figured they paid fairly because of their status in the community. i am paid appropriately and have no complaints. i am also per diem so receive 10% in-lieu pay (instead of benefits).

i recently told my manager that i will be returning to school to pursue my rn. she mentioned that i will be able to take a loa, work pt, or something. it would be great if they helped pay for school, but i'm not gonna push my luck!

I heard lvn's were offered @ $22/ hr.

I am a new LVN in central California and starting pay is $19-25 per hour.

I made $5.15 an hour in the ER in 1975, fresh out of training! Now, about $35.00 per hour in a nursing home.

libran1984, ASN, RN

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2010... $13.65/hr in hospital ER where RNs and LPNs had almost unrecognizable job descriptions. RNs started off, at the time at $22/hr


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