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  1. I want to say don't stress but hey I've been there! I'm a single parent too! Worked while in school and I made it out alive! NCLEX for me was a breeze. However I had a program that previous graduates would say if you can pass their exams boards are a breeze it was true I was educated by some amazing people who make NCLEX seen like a piece of cake! Jobs all depend on your location. My first was as a flu nurse 19/hr. I have been working LTC now for just over a month and my first weekend not training was this weekend(I'm working bailor shifts) sat/sun 7a-7p. Work 24 paid for 32 I have no benefits. Only FT get benefits. But I'm compensated with higher pay. I have a very demanding workload of 30 pts five are tubes/trach I'm still slow in my early med pass and nursing school doesn't prepare you for the world of nursing. Documentation is something you learn with time I'm still learning! I was lucky to land a job in a facility who let me train for over a month and would give me more time if needed.
  2. This was me a few weeks ago. I was on my own for the first time tonight. I had five weeks of or. They would give me more if I wasn't confident. It takes time to learn patients. I had cheat sheets(who gets crused/hole/tube) and other things. I'm responsible for six patients head to toe while I work my two day bailor. It's not at all what school prepares you for it's so much more. Take notes and don't be afraid to ask a question even if you think it makes you sound stupid. ASK!! Good luck
  3. ejm123


    Yes it's LTC on what they consider the hardest hall in the facility. Which they never usually hire new nurses for. I'm slow at my morning med pass it is ridiculous.
  4. ejm123

    first day... I cried..

    YouTube and quizlet are great resources for studying. Just hang in there I just graduated and started. My first LTC job and I want to cry at the end of every shift nursing school doesn't prepare for for the real deal!
  5. ejm123

    LPN salary questions

    I just started my first LTC job as a new grad 19/hr in NC
  6. ejm123

    New job as wellness screener nurse...

    I did flu clinics and worked with staff who did the wellness clinics. It's fairly easy and I'm sure it won't take you long to get a hang of it!!
  7. ejm123


    I started my first job as a LPN and I am beyond overwhelmed with the workload. My feet are killing me. I honestly questioned myself the first few weeks if I made the right decision. I know I did and this is part of my duties. I felt nursing school never prepared me for this at all
  8. ejm123

    New lpn that is feeling discouraged

    I feel the same some of the I just started my first LTC position three weeks ago and I feel like nursing school didnt prepare me enough for this. I have huge med passes and I'm slow as ever. I feel like I still have tons more to learn(total different rant) Just remember you are thereto be a good nurse and have compassion. I think a lot of people forget that!
  9. ejm123

    Work while in School

    Do what you can. I worked pt, went to school at night and have a 4 year old I made it through I also know several other women in my class who worked Ft and supported their entire family while In school I say it's all in your determination
  10. ejm123

    Options for new LPNs

    Depends on your location I live not far from charlotte and just graduated this summer. So far only employment anyone from my class had got had been LTC and assisted living. Some drs wi hire lpns. Pay I've noticed has ranged from 14-21.50 I only did flu clinics and now having trouble finding a ft job and I have three years experience as a NAI/II
  11. ejm123

    need a study website

    When I was in school I used quizlet a lot even looked at others material
  12. ejm123

    What is abnormal "guarding"?

    Colonoscopy isn't an invasive surgical procedure but exploratory procedure. With the guarding think of it as if when you go in their room They guard their abd area the whole time or have an expression of pain on their face while doing it.
  13. What's the difference I scored fairly high on iv but now required to take v!
  14. ejm123

    I am a LPN!!

    Took NCLEX Monday, I went active on NCBON yesterday!!!
  15. ejm123

    Nclex pn tomorrow

    I passed my license went active yesterday!! Two days after my test!!
  16. ejm123

    Male Student Starting LPN Wednesday

    Read everything. Make your own notes from reading or lectures, record lectures. Utilize YouTube, quizlet and this site!! You will do great!! Good luck!!