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I enrolled in manicure school!!! I am joining Lois Jean in the foot care arena. No we are not partners, but LJ is coaching me thru. I have never done foot care, so I figured a pedicure is pretty... Read More

  1. by   hoolahan
    Cindy lyn, that isn't a half bad idea.

    I would be too p-poor broke to go to vegas w schooling, etc... BUT if I did foot care and gave a super discounted rate, maybe I can write it off as a business seminar, Hey LJ, what do you say??? Can we do that? I am not licsened in LV tho, well, there is enough time to apply for it, right??

    I graduate in August, possibly sooner which is my plan!!!

    Not a half bad idea girlfriend!!! many people are we talking in Vegas? I haven't read the thread? (I'm using any money I make to gamble!!!)
  2. by   renerian
    Hoolahan are you going to stop nursing once you get done with your classes and such?

  3. by   LoisJean
    :hatparty: WAY TO GO, HOOLIE!!!

    Here's one for you: today at one of my foot care clinics an elderly gentleman came in because his toe "felt funny". He was referring to his (L) great toe. I smelled it before I saw it. I pulled his shoes and socks off and guess what I found? A stage III ulcerative wound at the posterior aspect of the metatarsal with infiltration to the phlange--the whole area was dry as a bone, bloodless and did it stink! It appeared to me that the ulceration formed under a caloused area. He simply did not feel any pain. Type I diabetes with what I assessed as poor management; negative peripheral sensations of the (L) foot per monofiliment test; absent tibial and dorsal pulse; hideous nail formations on both feet. He swore up and down that he had just seen his "doc"--and the doc DID NOT check his feet! I talked with this man and highly recommended he allow me to refer him to an orthopaedic surgeon PDQ. He agreed and I was able to get him an appointment for this afternoon. Since this man had been walking around for god only knows how long with this unfortunate wound I decided to go ahead and trim his toenails, clean up the wound area (Sterile Saline), dress it with a simple telfa and kling wrap to adhere. This entire procedure from beginning to end cost the gentleman a whole $15.00 which is what I charge these old people who come to my clinics.

    Then I called his family doc and gave him a full description. I also mentioned that my client, "swears up and down that you did not check his feet two days ago when he was in to see you". This doc hesitated for about 10 seconds--I mean dead air--then said, "No I didn't because I didn't see him, my nurse practicioner did." I was pizzed. I told this doc that HIS patient has elected to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon and that an appointment had been made for this afternoon on an emergency basis. (I learned that this elderly gentleman is now in hospital--iv antibiotics, wound care, yadda yadda.) Well, a day late and a dollar short. This man is going to lose his foot at best- his leg at worse.

    Promise me, Hoolihan, that you will apply the very best of your nursing assessment skills to every foot you care for.

    UNDER YOUR BUSINESS NAME you can deduct all of the expenses for ANY related services you provide. So, yes! You can write off Pedicure Parties, Foot Care Clinics, Space Rental at a Salon and anything and everything that applies. Try to price your services so that you can pay yourself something above and beyond your expenses. In the city you should be able to provide ANY type of foot care whether as a nurse or as a pedicurist and charge a higher fee for service than I can in my mostly lower income, rural communities.

    Now that you have gotten your feet wet (haha) let me say how ABSOLUTELY BUTTON POPPING PROUD I AM OF YOU, MISSY!!!

    Peace, and let it begin with me
    Lois Jean
  4. by   hoolahan
    :kiss -------> Lois Jean ...My mentor and hero!!!

    Of course I would do my best!!!

    You know how I love wounds, poor fella, thank God he had you to advocate for him LJ, and for $15, what a deal!!! SHAME on that doc, you don't honestly think the NP would skip that exam do you?? I don't!!! It's called CYA!

    OK, so my hotel room could be my rented salon, right??
  5. by   Nurse Ratched
    Hoolahan - that is SO cool. I love working on patients' feet because it is such an ignored need, and so vital, as Lois Jean's heartbreaking story attests.

    What a great way to put your nursing skills to work in a profession that makes people feel so good! .
  6. by   debyan
    Way to go, feet are one of the forgotten frontiers. Few people cn put up with handling others feet. Jesus was into caring for others feet anointing with oil and such. What a good role model.:angel2: deb
  7. by   webbiedebbie
    Hoolahan, what made you decide to get into this? I think it is a wonderful idea. I have been doing my husband's feet for three years now (hmmm, for free). He absolutely loves it! I don't know if I could work on other people's feet though. But, I might consider it, maybe have a pampered feet party! I sell beauty products on the side (won't mention name), but I certainly could incorporate them in a new business!

    Thanks for the idea. Might look into getting in a class, too!
  8. by   nightingale

    I am SO proud of what you are doing! May I please have a place in line to wait patiently for a pedicure... OMG.. and by a nurse! What a deal!

    LJ... see what you have started... isn't this incredible!

    I still dream of doing this variation or some other "nitch" in the community I am relocating to. I will either do a variation of foot care for diabetics or some other specialty and hopeflly in the home health field which is my true love of nursing.

    Hoolahan? Do you have your business license yet? I would imagine it would be best to get asap so you can claim those expenses of school and hotel etc... When you have time, check with your local Small Business Association and see what they recommend. Thye often have classes available that will help you set up your business appropriately. The later is my style but there are a lot of books out there that can help you get set up. I am currently using the services of a small business consult (she was my instructor in class) who is helping me stay on top of the paperwork for my S-Corporation. I also contract out accounting. So far have paid under $ 200 for these services that give me peace of mind etc. I have saved a lot of money already by incorporating my business. Sole Proprietorship works well for many too.

    Now I will be quiet and go take my place in line.
  9. by   LoisJean
    Foot Care! Nurses who are contemplating the idea of self employment in the community environment would do well to look at foot care as a WAY to jump start their business.

    Like Hoolihan, who's main love is WOUND CARE, she can get her foot in the door by becoming proficient at caring for feet. Perhaps some of you are looking at RESPITE CARE services--again, foot care can be incorporated as one of the services you would provide; perhaps your looking at setting up an ADULT DAY CARE CENTER--foot care services provided by a nurse would be a big plus for you. What if some of you decided to become certified in DIABETIC TEACHING subcontracting your services to clinics or hospitals? Not only could you provide foot care but could also teach caregivers correct procedure and provide patients with self care tips.

    Perhaps, like me, you might decide to provide foot care on a full time basis. 99.0% of all my clients are in-home and pay out of pocket for my care. They reside in their own homes, senior apartments, foster care homes or with family members.

    I maintain foot care clinics at 3 seperate Senior Centers. Two of those centers host my clinics twice each month, the other one is once a month. I see an average of 12 people at each one of these clinics.

    10% of my clients are Medicaid Waiver referrals.

    Think about it. Questions? Just ask me! I'm on a mission.

    Peace and let it begin with me,

    Lois Jean
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    I am butting in, first in line as only 1hr from Hoolahan and can drive stright up I95 to muscle my way in.

    I've never had a pedicure---hubby trims them if too thick for myself. SO I promise a willing patient and am off next weekend too.

    It would irk me to no end that RN's would do wound care on leg ulcer/foot ulcer but NOT WASH THE REST OF EXTREMITY and I would be the one to remove 6 inches of toe dirt/fuzzy's!
    I would trim toenails too or refer to podiatrist if too thick.

    Also peooed when found belly dirt or ton's of ear wax---lavaged many an ear.

    Question for Lois Jean:
    Do you supply basin for each patient to use for washing feet or do you use only one and clean it out between patients??
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  11. by   hoolahan
    I owe it all to Lois Jean, and my motivation is being on my own!!
  12. by   Agnus
    Oooh, please tell us more about your senior center clinics.
  13. by   SherRN
    Amen!!! Belly button dirt, belly button "stone" due to no cleaning in EONS!!! Large economy black zits on the back that are there for no reason other than the pt. has not been bathed properly. My pet peeves also.