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And do you have to treat them? I am just curious. Your stories always seem to either crack me up or shake my head in amazement. Thanks for sharing :)... Read More

  1. by   TXTraumaRN
    Quote from canoehead
    Some turkey came in to triage complaining that his inner thighs had been chafing for two weeks. This was 1am. It was just too painful to bear.

    Liposuction or diaper rash cream- we don't provide either one, so I don't know what he ended up doing.

    I think we work at the same ER. That patient showed up here a few weeks ago.
  2. by   rph3664
    Quote from ErinRN2B
    Stupid reason: I was 19 and living alone in a small apartment in San Francisco. I had had a head cold for days and my ear started hurting worse and worse. I had never had an ear infection before and didn't even know what it felt like. I thought something was seriously wrong so after taking Tylenol and waiting it out for most of the day I went to the ER down the street - acute otitis media, luckily the nurses and ER doc were super nice to me. It was a kind of rough, inner city hospital and I think I was probably one of their more pleasant patients. Sent home with antibiotics and pain meds after a short wait.
    That's not a stupid reason. If you think you're really sick, you should be seen, and otitis media can be fatal if untreated. At one time, it often was.
  3. by   jb2u
    Pt came into er via ems from nursing home. Reason....family wanted er to give antibiotics for uti. Pt came in and we did a UA per doctor's order. Yep, pt had UTI. MD prescribed antibiotic and sent back to nursing home. Family later called and asked if her mother had arrived to er yet. I told her yes and she has already gone back to the nsg home. Pt's daughter asked if we gave her any antibiotics. I stated no. We checked to see if she had a UTI and she does, so she was prescribed antibiotics and sent back to the nursing home.
  4. by   DeadHeadRN
    We've had 2 recently that were ridiculous.

    The first was a pt via EMS sent by nursing home because pt is refusing to take meds for 1 day. This was a 98 yo female, alert and appropriate with very mild dementia. I called the nursing home to ask why they thought this was an appropriate reason to send a pt to the ED. The nurse started rambling on about how the pt won't take her meds. I asked her what she thought we could do about this. I asked her if she thought I should tie the pt down and force meds down her throat. The woman is 98! If she doesn't want her meds, let her be!!

    The other was also a nursing home pt brought via ambulance for bradycardia. The nursing home reported that her HR was 48. After speaking to her nurse at the nursing home I discovered that the pts baseline HR is about 55. and she took the pt's pulse after giving the pt her morning does of dig (I did mention that you're supposed to get the pulse BEFORE you give the dig, not after, and it's supposed to be be an apical pulse, to which she replied "What?"). The nurse also told me that she was concerned because the pt was tired when she woke her up. REALLY???!!! I have to wonder where they find some of these nurses that work in nursing homes. Nothing against nurses who work in nursing hones, Needless to say, we sent her back to the nursing home.
  5. by   klonginoRN
    I had a guy come in a couple months ago with a "bad taste in his mouth" He had eaten beef jerky and said that it left a bad taste in his mouth and was wondering if he could be poisoned? Of course the fact that he was drinking his mountain dew and smoking had no effect!
  6. by   shoegalRN
    Back pain X 6 years.....
  7. by   allstudentnurses
    I was going to say mosquito bite, because "it hurt", but I think pregnancy test beats that LOL
  8. by   hiddencatRN
    Another nurse in my pod had a patient who was brought in by the patient's parents because.....wait for it.....

    when the patient doesn't wear the patient's glasses, the patient's vision is blurry.
  9. by   psu_213
    Nursing home sent a 90-something yr old patient in to the ED at 9pm because she had a cough earlier in the day and the doctor "wanted her sent in for a chest X ray." Nursing home nurse made a point of telling the medics that the pt was so bad she had to be on "2 liters of oxygen...HIGH FLOW!" (Needless to say neither the medics nor ED staff saw/heard her cough once time).
  10. by   psu_213
    Recently had a pt with a CC of "dry lips" (get you minds out of the gutter!!!). Doctor told her to try vaseline. Not my pt, not sure what she wanted, but she immediately eloped after the MD did not give her something different.
  11. by   k00ky
    a patient, who's working as a call center agent, came to er complaining of "SEVERE" sore throat.. then insisted that he needs a "sick leave" coz he can't work with that pain on his throat
  12. by   FranEMTnurse
    good grief!!
  13. by   canoehead
    Sore knee for 7 years, 40yo male. Arrived in triage carrying a take out coffee (XL) and six Archie comics.