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Tonjia has 16 years experience and specializes in Trauma/ED, SANE/FNE, LNC.

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  1. ER. A Clinic?

    welcome to the wonderful world of ER nursing in 2010. For years people have used ER's as walk in clinics, but now with the economy like it is you are going to be hard pressed to find an emergency room that isnt full of clinic patients. And they all k...
  2. NRB & COPD your input please

    a short time on a NRB is not going to hurt this patient. It sounds to me like he needed a continuous neb and/or a bipap anyway
  3. SBIRT

    We use an SBIRT professional, and sometimes the patients think he is interfering with their care. We even had a patients husband call and complain about a HIPAA violation because the SBIRT professional was asking questions of his wife...
  4. Happy Emergency Nurses Day!!

    wow, I want to work where you work!! We were inundated with reminders of "infection control day".. but no one gave a crap about the ER. Of Course thats the norm in our hospital. They only care about the ER when one of their patients code or they need...
  5. Hi all, I am currently an ER nurse, been working in the ER for 16 years. From the huge trauma center to the normal size non trauma center. To put it bluntly I am burnt out. I still have another 10 years until I reach retirement age, so I am investiga...
  6. Happy Emergency Nurses Day!!

    thanks! No one in our facility even bothered to acknowledge it. of course we are being inundated with "infection control week" which is right around the corner... bah humbug:devil:
  7. ER nurse to patient ratio

    4:1 is a dream!! when I worked in a trauma center we would work mods and have 2 RN's for 9 patients because we did a lot of major trauma, then I went to a non trauma center (who received trauma frequently) and our ratio went to 6:1 and up to 8:1.
  8. Toradol/ketorolac for major trauma pts

    Toradol is contraindicated in major trauma. period
  9. Is it a HIPPA violation?

    you have already been told this, but it is ABSOLUTELY a HIPAA violation, and I would throw it right into their faces.... the nerve!
  10. Really disappointed with the reality of nursing.

    I hear ya sistah!! Believe me, nursing has taken a big dive, even in the last 16 yrs since I became an RN. Especially if you are working in a hospital. Now, on the bright side, there are tons of possibilities for jobs OUTSIDE of the hospital settin...
  11. not since 1998 when EMTALA was put into law. My solution for the healthcare crisis..... abolish EMTALA
  12. Which phone pda or PDA are you using in the ER

    why yes, as a matter of fact... I refuse to detain. its my mantra:D and besides its much more fun watching them stagger out the door!
  13. Good triage stories

    I have had several funny mispronunciations of problems: Had a lady c/o "viral mango encephalitis" and a man with "suggestive heart failure" and one day had a guy come with with sudden onset of blurred vision in his left eye. It was obvious from the b...
  14. Which phone pda or PDA are you using in the ER

    I am on Verizon so I cant get the Iphone, I use my Droid.
  15. Too many nurses/chiefs in the room?

    sounds like a cluster to me. In the trauma center where I worked we had a "trauma team" everyone had a job and everyone knew what they were supposed to do. It looked chaotic but we seriously knew what was happening.... Where is your charge nurse??