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motivated2nurse has 2 years experience and specializes in ED.

Love nursing

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  1. What? Really?

    Hi all, so Ive now been in the ER for almost 2.5 years now, LOVE IT, wouldnt trade a thing...........Now Im in charge a lot of the time and my coworkers have turned on me........They fuss, gripe, complain, and I want to say is shut up, grow some, an...
  2. How long until you were pretty good at IV starts?

    im 2 years in and still have trouble with the hard sticks, hang in there
  3. Did anyone hate nursing school?

    Believe it or not it will all be worth it in the end and a distant memory real soon!
  4. Be patient with yourself and pray for a good preceptor!
  5. Safety in todays hospital environments

    After hearing the report about the doc at John Hopkins getting shot, I wondered how many nurses feel unsafe at work? I mean we treat the community and it's victims daily and with that comes all the baggage. Have you felt in danger of a patient, a si...
  6. What's with the drug shortages?

    What if we ran out of Rocephin or any of the other STD drugs? I bet the drug companies wouldnt have a problem supplying the drugs when there teens get the BUG!
  7. ER nurses are the best!

    I just figured it out, ER nurses are hated among other nurses because we constantly send other units "work", we believe in the motto of treat and street or send up! We have doctors on site and can resolve issues with patient right there without ca...
  8. Which came first, the $ or the ♥ ?

    I love the fact that i love my job and get paid plenty...............:)
  9. SPIT AT....AGAIN!

    Towel over the face with a strong tech, worked for me a couple of nights ago!
  10. New Grad Blues in the ER...

    Ive been in the ER for 1 year now, it gets easier. But you have good and bad days. Feeling stupid is very common, I still feel that way at times. The thing to remember is..............Experience is the best teacher, making mistakes is part of the pro...
  11. What's with the drug shortages?

    WOW, I thought it was just our facility that had the shortages, man this really must be serious. I really hate that we have to waste so much morphine, because we are out of 2mg and 4mg's also. I thought it was just us. It almost seem ridiculous that ...
  12. I QUIT (long)

    Ive been a nurse for a full year this month..........Ive endured my first job in an ER and did very well, Last week I brought a situation to my manager that I was unsure about, thought the situation was resolved when I left her office, when I returne...
  13. Have to work 2 more weeks after resignation -- need advice

    I left before my 2 weeks because the manager was quite rude, and I feared retaliation from management and the possible loss of my license if something were to happen. I know Im on a do not rehire list, but working out the rest of my shift would have ...
  14. Started new long til I'm comfortable?

    Goodness grief, you must have adjusted to the er at one time, youll get used to this too...............
  15. Charting every 2 hours?

    we are supposed to chart q2 hours however this is not always possible........