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    Quote from nurseunderwater
    coping through humor is one thing....a comment that is outdated and sounds uneducated/racist is another... :stone[/QUOT

    Iwasn't responding to whatever post you were referring to.......I didn't see that one. I was responding to ER nurse's coping mechanisms in general. Which you have to admit, can be a bit morbid at times, hilarious at others. We have an ER nurse that acts as charge at night. She is in her 80's (believe it or not!). Old flight/trauma nurse. She was running in the hall the other night squirting people with water from a sryinge. :chuckle We were packed to the gills, people in the halls on carts. They were all laughing, too.
    that is FANTASTIC!!!!! I'm sure she lightens the place.
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    and having a "tall dark drink of water at home" gives you more of a right to use that verbage than anyone else? MMMmmmm no.
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    Quote from teeituptom
    I love syringe water fights

    but if you want to be nasty

    mix in a little mucomyst
    oh my god, no! I accidentally squirted this nasty stuff onto a doc I just met (when mixing it into a drink) - he stunk of rotten eggs his whole shift. I felt so bad, but he was SUCH an OCD person and was so neat and pretty, I let myself off the hook!
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    Quote from RNin92
    Today it was...

    "Look here nursie... (NURSIE!!!!!)
    Just give me the Dilaudid and cab ride home and I'm outta here!"

    Well...she got points for honesty...

    I don't think so.

    Enjoy your Toradol.
    Hee Hee Hee

    I had an affluent patient the other day (he made it a POINT that I know where he lives and what he does) - I greet patients with my name and I use their name in any interaction. So when he was discharged (I'm wearing my nametag), I say "goodbye Mr. Swift (something like that)" and he says, "take care, NURSE." Huh? :smackingf I wondered "what just happened there? Was he just using the word "nurse" to be offensive?" He was in his 40's too - it felt like he was trying to make a condescending point..

    I worked with a young ER doc who would always use "nurse" in front of patients, but call you by your name any other time. So I was in a neighboring room (seperated by a curtain) and he was suturing, I think. He YELLS "Nuuuuuuurrrrssse" like the most irritating, whiney, god-awful noise I had ever heard. I poked my head through the curtain, and said "excuse ME?" "My name is Carrie, DOCTOOOOORRRR"
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    Quote from KibbsRNstudent
    I love that!:chuckle I have had i.v.'s in my hand and they try many times as my veins roll and believe me the try and try and try... they even go to the other hand if they can't get one in the original hand. I usually have really large bruises on my hands(both) when I leave the hospital.
    it's called anchor those rollaways.
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    Quote from Hellllllo Nurse
    Giving you an order to treat their pt first? Who do these stupid docs think they are? :angryfire
    that's when you say, mmm hmmmm ok
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    Quote from kcrnsue
    My DON handed me a complaint to respond to. A "respected member of the community" had come in as an outpatient for a couple of units of blood. I escorted her and her entourage to the only available room, got them all drinks, and a fan because it was a hot day. I started the I.V., gave the blood as ordered and monitored her per protocol. Her statement said "I was taken to some room all the way down the hall by some slovenly orderly (I am an R.N. and she was told this and although scrubs aren't all that flattering, I have never been called slovenly!) Anyway, she went on to say that she was ignored way down there at the end of the hall. Did she not notice all of the other patients on her way down there?
    oh isn't that nice that the DON handed that to you? Couldn't the documentation speak for itself - or is it that this person provides to the hospital so you must eat crow... hate politics! Slovenly! That's horrible.