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Hi, I am new here!!! What I want to know is what gets to you? I think we all have something that just really makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you have to take care of it. ... Read More

  1. by   Karina212
    i, too, get totally grossed out by dog or cat vomit. I cant tolerate it even the slightest! glad im not alone!!

    Quote from mjlrn97
    I used to be a 'sympathetic vomitter' myself........even after I had kids. Now I can handle HUMAN vomit of any kind; I can clean up after an all-out, I-think-I-heard-the-patient's-SHOES-come-up session, and I've even been known to be able to eat a full meal five minutes later. But when the dog or one of the cats blows their groceries, I holler for my husband---I can't even stand to listen to them retching and making that horrid "Ulp-ulp-ulp" sound. YEEEEECCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHH.:uhoh21:
  2. by   trish4matron
    Have to agree with nursepenny. I actually have no problem with mucus if it is flowing from where it is supposed to come from. I do however have a huge problem with happening upon it unexpectedly. Making a bed for example and putting your hand on a big glob of t that has been hidden amongst the sheets (At least I hope it was Mucus!!) OH Yeah. Hello everybody. I'm Trish and after reading the mag for a while I decided to join. Am in Australia for the year on my Pre-Midlife Crisis. From Ireland. Looking forward to contributing and enjoying all your contributions.
  3. by   Retired Nurse
    Worst---vomiting fecal matter ----- the gagging and the smell----
  4. by   ashleyjean3
    I hate trach care, ugh when they start hacking and sputum flies across the room...vomit is also a no no
  5. by   Nurse-o-holic
    I hear ya, sputum is SO gross, especially trach sputum. ewwwww.

    Now that I'm thinking about it, the smell of melena and c.Diff make me gag
  6. by   DutchgirlRN
    The slurrping sound of a suction catheter! Ugh!
    #2 changing a colostomy bag. Ewwww the smell just gags me.
  7. by   weezer123
    Give me Vomit
    Give me pee
    Give me do-do
    Give me blood
    Give me all bad smells
    But I can not stand the harking snot, loogies,green slime.
    an old man spit a snot wad in my face once as a student nurse, really by accident,, he was so sorry for it and since then,, I can not take snot..
  8. by   PsychRNMsz
    Quote from asapstat
    I still say FEET!!!. Stinky, sweaty, socks so toasted they are stuck to the skin..toenails that have been growing so long they curve under the toe...eight hundred layers of dirt...and when you take the sock off and a gangrenous toe comes with it...I'm done.
    I am soooo agreeing with you there! I hated feet before nursing school and I still hate feet...especially diabetic feet with ulcers or unkept nails...I still have to touch them for cappilary refill and bed baths, if I could I would get someone else to do it...
  9. by   canoehead
    Nothing worse than an animal with worms vomiting. The ugh, ugh, ugooow! and then mucussy snotty puke with moving parts.
  10. by   galenight
    I have not witnessed it yet, but I think enucleation will get the best of me. I mean, I think I'll be able to handle it in the moment and do what needs to be done, but when all is said and done, i'd probably go hurl. I used to be grossed out by the mere thought of a broken bone, but you get over that quickly especially in ER. Although I broke my foot a month ago and on myself it grosses me out just a little. The huge Home Depot screw in my foot also gives me the willies if I think about it too much...lol
  11. by   tramalady45
    Quote from tramalady45
    If I am about to enter a room where there is even the slightest possibility of feces being there, I PUKE![/quote

    I am a new member as of yesterday. I am a student nurse in my second quarter so I haven't experienced as much as you have. But yesterday I cleaned up a patient with MIRSA. She had a full brief so I began to clean her up. As soon as I wiped the anus, butterscotch colored feces began to ooze out. I held my breath. I thought she was done, but more oozed out.

    I too have an iron stomach, but it was pungent! Not the normal feces smell. I almost did loose it and I really thought I could take just about anything. I did come home an hour later looking for dinner though.

    I do have a vomit phobia stemming from my childhood. I thought that would be my weakness.

    Tramalady! Where did you get that cute face?
    MRSA Poo isn't as bad as C-Diff Poo. It's like jelly, and the smell is putrid. The face is located under the smiley menu, just scroll down... hehehe
  12. by   hipab4hands
    Quote from mshooha
    Hi, I am new here!!! What I want to know is what gets to you? I think we all have something that just really makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you have to take care of it.

    I can't stand FINGER INJURIES!!!!!!!!! It just makes me cringe to see them.

    I would rather take care of an amputated limb than a mangled finger.
    For me, it's nail avulsions. Yeck. I couldn't stand to be in the room, when the docs were removing toenails.
    I could do all the other procedures, where parts of ears. noses, lips, etc. were removed. No problem with that at all.
  13. by   zaleah
    I agree with the whole snot thing......is that not why God made RT's?
    Trachs or any other holes where they are not supposed to be and are leaking stuff.........ie colostomy's YUCK.
    The other kind of bad one is separated limbs that you have to undress......ie take the shoe off the foot, or the glove off the hand.....I have also been handed a penis in a baggy. Needless to say all the male docs in the place focused on that injury...screw the airway, breathing etc!!!!!!!!!!!