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25 y/o, female, looking for my niche in nursing!

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  1. Care One in NJ

    my patients refer to the care one facility in morristown as "care none" as the care is apparently very poor. ive heard this many times.
  2. catheter care in home care

    Hi I was wondering if you could clarify something regarding care of catheter bags in the home care setting. Do leg bags and overnight bags need to be changed and cleansed daily if the patient wishes to use both? I have some patients that hang them t...
  3. illegal use of QR???

    Just a question ( i dont work in pscyhe anymore). I used to work in a child/adolescent psyche unit. The kids were VERY often placed in the quiet room for behavioral types issues, like talking back or cursing, but NOT necessarily for violent behaviors...
  4. What Gets to You??

    i, too, get totally grossed out by dog or cat vomit. I cant tolerate it even the slightest! glad im not alone!!
  5. how many patients

    I am new to home care and was wondering how many patients is the norm for most home care agencies in one day. i have been with an agency for several months and I am burnt out with too many patients and documentation. I work 12 + hours a day and have ...
  6. Certified Medication Technician

    Ive had negative experiences with med techs. I feel the only people who should be administering meds are nurses who've had extensive training. For example, I am a visiting nurse and went to see my patient in the group home for wound care. When I got ...
  7. Aaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!

    I was EXACTLY the same as your daughter when I was her age. I also went on the pill at 16 and it was a godsent! Lighter and shorter periods and either no or minimal cramps. Don't worry about the idea of her being on the pill. It's going to help her !...
  8. How to get in to Forensic Nursing

    Hi Alicia, If you want to become a nurse, you must enroll in an associate, diploma, or bachelor degree porgram. If you do decide to become a nurse, you can always consider the specialty of forensic nursing in the future. It is becoming very popular. ...
  9. Skin problems: whiteheads on face

    I have the same problem and I'm 27! I always had crystal clear skin until I hit my early to mid 20's and it just got worse. I tried everything OTC and nothing worked. I just got an RX from my doctor for Benzaclin. I know you said you dont have health...
  10. What are your common psych prn meds?

    I also saw the thread on thorazine and was suprised to find that not many places use IM thorazine. I have been working in child psyche for almost 3 months and the docs prescribe thorazine prn po or IM all the time....and unfortunately the kids get it...
  11. Are Timeouts really Seclusion?!?!?

    i am interested in the answer to this also. the facility i just started working for in child psyche uses the seclusion room for time-outs without an order almost all of the time. sometimes, the child's in there for just ten minutes other times an hou...
  12. Hackensack Medical Center

    when i was an extern there it was 1 to 4 or 1 to 5. Great hospital!
  13. I need to know!!

    Absolutely go into psyche nursing if that is what you want to do! It is definitely possible for you to work as an NP on an outpatient basis and not have to deal with bodily fluids. (Of course, you will encounter this in nursing school as you have to ...
  14. Am I the only one to feel this way?

    very inspirational angel337. i think your words helped many. :)
  15. school nurse with masters degree?

    Hello school nurses! I am looking into one day becoming a school nurse but would like to pursue a masters degree (MSN) and become either a pediatric or peds psychiatric CNS or NP. I'm not sure if i should shell out the money now and work as an NP or ...