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  1. rn in 3 years

    Healthier Living Support Thread: PART TWO!

    Good for you! You are doing what I am doing with the exercise, building up. It is the only way I can get going on exercise. I set up my own eight week plan because I have a treadmill, eliptical and a bow flex. Each week I either go longer or add a new piece of equipment. This week I am 15 minutes on the treadmill and 5 minutes on the eliptical. I find that if I take baby steps it is not so daunting.
  2. rn in 3 years

    Hating 'group work' assignments

    I have not had to do any group projects yet but I will not like it much when I do. I can get along with people just fine but will not like someone else's work habits determining MY grade. Has anyone ever had any luck going to the professor and asking if they couold just do the whole darn assignement themselves?
  3. rn in 3 years

    Healthier Living Support Thread: PART TWO!

    I am just on the regular ediets plan. I went to change my plan option because I thought you could change tot the south beach plan but I can't. The plan I am on now seems kind of bland for my tastes. Maybe I will check into the glycemic one. Is that one easy to cook for a family or is it too cooky (If you know what I mean). EDITED TO ADD: I just switched to the glycemic plan. It seems a lot like the south beach plan so I think I will be happier :)
  4. rn in 3 years

    Healthier Living Support Thread: PART TWO!

    OK guys, I'm back on the healthy living bandwagon! I started my new way of eating (don't want to say "diet" ) on Wednesday and as of this morning I have lost 6 pounds. I always loose a lot in the first week though and then it gets hard so we shall see I guess. I need to loose the weight though. Still have 61 more to go. P.S. Tweety, I copied you and did ediets. I like it because it tells me what to eat for the day so it's a no-brainer...LOL. I am thinking of switching my choice to the south beach diet for a little more variety though. Ediets wants me to eat a salad with lunch AND dinner. That's just too much salad!
  5. rn in 3 years

    School rant

    Yes, I am at at CC. I just keep telling myself that it won't be like this in nursing school (I hope).
  6. rn in 3 years

    School rant

    Speaking of waiting, in PSY class we are suppose to start at 7 am. Most people show up between 7:10 - 7:20 so she never starts lecture until at least 7:20. That leaves 30 minutes for lecture and she wanders off the subject so much that we probably oly get about half of that for actual lecture. One time I was running late for class and walked in right at 7:00 and I was the only one there!
  7. rn in 3 years

    School rant

    Sorry but I need to whine a little. Today in PSY we had a quiz. It is on the course outline that was handed out the first day of class so it SHOULD HAVE been no surprise to anyone. Yet, there were people that we like "oh no! we have a test today?". So, what does my instructor do? Tells them to leave and take the test in the testing center tomorrow. WHAT THE HELL!!! Then, some guy walks in FORTY MINUTES LATE (the entire calss is only 50 minutes) and she gives him HER study guide with all the answers already filled out and tells hime to take the test tomorrow. We all got the study guide Friday but we all had to look up the answers over the weekend. It's just not fair (I know, I sound like I'm 8 years old) that all those irresponsible people will end up getting the same or even better grade than those of us who actually know how to read a course outline and show up to class. Then, in Math class a lot of people bombed the last quiz. Because of that, he spent an extra day going over the material so now we are a day behind. That means that there will no longer be a final review day at the end of the semester. You know why everybody bombed the quiz? Because they don't do their homework or take notes. So, because they can't be responsible I get to miss out on a review for the final. UGH!!!!!!!
  8. rn in 3 years

    Fungal Infections!?!?

    I would never consider that. I paid good money for these breasts...LOL
  9. rn in 3 years

    stinking of cigarette smoke

    I have highlighted a couple of things in your post that you pointed out about my post (which I think you might want to go back and read again, BTW). I have the ABSOLUTE right to be on the sidewalk walking to and from my classes and so do the smokers but the smokers are suppose to smoke ONLY in designated areas of the campus, not on the sidewalks leading to the classrooms. I am in no way saying that the smokers should not be allowed to smoke on campus but THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO SMOKE ANYWHERE THEY FEEL LIKE. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE THE RIGHT NOT TO HAVE TO SMELL YOUR CANCER STICK. I can do that by avoiding the DESIGNATED SMOKING AREA. That is why I made the comment about smokers thinking their right to smoke is more important than my right to not to.
  10. rn in 3 years

    stinking of cigarette smoke

    AMEN!!!!!!!!! I am soooo sick and tired of walking out the door of my class and inhailing a lung full of some other students cigarette smoke because they just had to go 50 minutes without a cigarette and can't have the common courtesy to go to the designated smoking area. If you choose to slowly kill yourself that is fine with me but I should not be subjected to sharing in your addiction. That said, my husband has smoked since I've known him (15 years). I do not sleep in the same bed with him anymore because his smoking makes his snoring unbearable (I know this because the 4 months he actually quit he did not snore anymore). I also have not passionately kissed him in a very long time because I don't enjoy licking an ashtray. I hate the way his hands, clothes, hair and the garage reak of smoke. To put it mildly this has put quite a damper on our love life . I also turn into quite a you-know-what if I find out he has smoked in an enclosed area (such as a vehicle) with one of our children present - one of which has asthma. I just don't understand why smokers feel their right to smoke is more important than a non-smokers right to breathe fresh air simply because it is an addiction.
  11. rn in 3 years

    Barbaric doctor or oversensitive nurse?

    If I was the mom I think I would have refused to leave the room. They would have had to drag me out of there. I hope that stubborness will help me when I become a Pediatric Nurse. One other thing is that this child is probably TERRIFIED of medical personnel now.
  12. rn in 3 years

    Does a W affect your GPA?

    If I decide to drop Bio at this point I would have to take a Withdrawl. Does anybody know if that affects your GPA? The lady I spoke to at the registration office really didn't know. Does it count against you in any way?
  13. rn in 3 years

    Boliogy Dilema

    I did buy that book. I am going to spend all day Sunday studying that book and my BIO book and see if I can make some sense of this. If I can't then I think I may have to drop
  14. rn in 3 years

    Anyone else in a funk?

    I'm with you. Lots of young kids in my classes. In fact, I am the oldest in 3 out of 4 of my classes! Some twerp today was tapping his shoe on the bck of my chair the whole class. I finally had to say something during the quiz because it was bugging the CRAP out of me! I have 2 classes where I am not learning ANYTHING from the instructors. In ENG 101 all we have done is read essays and comment on them. We finally got the syllabus Thursday and our ENTIRE grade comes down to 5 - 20 point essays and THAT'S IT! I could not believe it. The other english class had ONE assignment that is worth out ENTIRE grade. In PSY 101 all the instructor does is tell stories. We hardly make it through the book because all she does is tell stories and repeat the same things every class. She even told a "true" story that was out of the Dicky Roberts movie (the dog dug up the rabbit one). UGH!!!! I am also having problems with BIO but I already started a thread on that one
  15. rn in 3 years

    Boliogy Dilema

    I just started my pre-req's this semester. I am taking ENG 101, PSY 101, MAT 092, and BIO 181. BIO 181 did not have ANY pre-req's so that is why I took it this semester since it is the pre-req for 2 other Biology courses I need to take (BIO 201 & BIO 205). The very first day of Biology the instructer said that if you have not had Chemistry you will have a tough time in this class. ARGH!!!!! I have not had Chemistry (in fact, I graduated high school in 1989 and I don't think I even had Chemistry in high school!). We have had 5 lectures so far and 1 lab. I swear the instructor is speaking a foreign language! I don't understand ANY of it! He asks questions and all my fellow students know the answers from Chemistry. I walk out practically in tears because I did not understand and feel stupid since everybody else does Here's my dilema. I am thinking of dropping BIO and waiting until after I have taken Chemistry. The plan I had all laid out called for me being done with pre-req's in 2 years. Since the BIO I am currently enrolled in is the pre-req for BIO 205 and BIO 201, which is the pre-req for BIO 202, it will push me back 3 semesters (I can't take Chem next semester becasue I need MAT 120 before I can do Chem). What would you do? Would you stick it out and pray for at least a C or would you drop and push everything back 1 1/2 years? I am afraid that this will ruin my GPA. Also, does anybody know what it does to my school record if I drop a class now? It has only been 2 weeks and we have not taken any tests yet. I know I can't get a refund on the class (a few days too late for that) but I will be able to get a full refund on my book (have until Feb 3rd for that).
  16. rn in 3 years

    What type of nurse do you want to be??

    I want to work PEDS or NICU. To be honest, at this time I really do not want to nurse adults. Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a PEDS nurse. This could all change after my PEDS rotation though! It seems as if a lot of students say "NO WAY" to PEDS. Wonder why that is?