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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on it difficult? I am taking it for the first time in a month & I just got a huge book in the mail to study!! I tend to freak out about... Read More

  1. by   BrnEyedGirl
    Read through the practice scenarios in the book and you'll do fine. I thought the hardest part was to remember to verbalize what you're doing! You have to say everything you're doing not just do it!
  2. by   CraigB-RN
    Quote from JustaGypsy
    I just took it two months ago... 9 years ER experience. Never read or even cracked the book, never reviewed the material after class... 88% on the written and 46/48 points on the practical... I did not find it hard... Just common sense... Maybe I am the minority...
    Nope, your right it's not Rocket Science. What is difficult is that most nurses are used to verbalizing while they do practicals, which scares them.
  3. by   JustaGypsy
    So very true craig... One of the practical points I missed was because I verbalized listening to lungs but not heart...
  4. by   TStewartfan
    Finished the class today. Got in late when they were going over possible study questions. I was the first to do my practical and passed that with flying colors and then took the exam and had never cracked the book and got an 86. I confused the types of head injuries and lost four points there the others were judgment calls and the instructor said I was overthinking it.

    Very interesting dass the most important think I got was the stressed imporatnce of doing a consistent head to toe assessment ABCDEFGHI is what you have to remember and you won't have any problem with the practicum.

    Good luck...

  5. by   runes52
    Go to:

    for sample tests.

    Todd is one of our instructors. It is a new site. Good luck.
  6. by   Salls25
    Quote from runes52
    Go to:

    for sample tests.

    Todd is one of our instructors. It is a new site. Good luck.

    thank you very much. i am in the midst of this class, test at the end of this week and will def. take a look at the practice test. I feel very confident about this class as it is a lot of review. Regardless of your experience, a refresher is good and I suggest reading the book it is very well written. There were some good points from the instructor that I will keep with me 1) we don't rock the hips anymore, 2) listen to the heart, nurses are so notorious for that.
  7. by   bsnurse509
    I've had TNCC multiple times during my ER career. It is stressful but manageable. The practical stresses me everytime...when though I know what to expect.

    They give you a scenario....25 yr old female MVC rollover, multiple abrasions, c/o neck pain and headache. What do you do now?
    Remember your ABC's....Talk yourself through it. Is her airway intact, is she breathing okay? What are her vitals? Does she need to be packaged? Just go down the list. I verbalize basically every thought that goes through my head.

    Remember your not on a time schedule. Take a breath and relax. This is practice for us. No one is going to die if say the wrong thing. Well your fellow nurses will make fun of you but I'm used to that in this ER.
    I have been a nurse in a Level 1 for almost 8 years. Every shift is different and every class I learn something new. Or something I shoved in the back of my brain I forgot all about.

    Don't will be fine.
  8. by   mwboswell
    With the advent of the 6th edition (May 08) there are now 3 different scenarios the instructor can pick from to give you.
  9. by   pdaddy
    Quote from runes52
    Go to:

    for sample tests.

    Todd is one of our instructors. It is a new site. Good luck.

    Can someone who has taken this course take a look at this practice test and let me know if it is in fact similiar to the one given. I am taking the course next week and want to know what to expect. i took this practive test and did not do so hot so now i am a bit concerned, thanks
  10. by   MauraRN
    Hi pdaddy,

    I took and passed TNCC yesterday. Checked the seabird site and looked at practice test. The questions are worded differently than the actual exam, but the answer choices are right on. Advice; know what each of those answer choices are. Most importantly, read the book. There were no tricks, the test came right from the book and the lectures. Remember primary and secondary assessments, and know the material in the book. Each chapter begins with a brief review of A&P for the subject. If you are weak in that area, review the patho for it. BTW, I am not an ED nurse yet. Due to the nursing job shortage here in New England, I thought I would educate myself in an effort to help make myself more marketable. I was the only non-ED nurse out of 10 students.
    Good luck and READ THE BOOK!!!

  11. by   Pixie.RN
    Great job, Maura!! I'm taking it this weekend (tomorrow and Sunday). You beat me to it! The advice from my RN coworker peeps was essentially the same -- know the primary and secondary survey steps like the back of your hand!
  12. by   Winnie93
    I graduated back in january of 2010 and havent been employed by a hospital yet =( Do you guys recommend a new grad like me to take TNCC or is it way too advance for me? id appreciate your opinion guys! thanks
  13. by   Generic ER Nurse
    I'm looking over the book now and am taking the class next week. It seems to me that its basically EMS training for RNs. If you have any EMT/Paramedic background, things should be seems?