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JustaGypsy specializes in ER, SANE, Home Health, Forensic.

ER nurse that loves my puppy and my Chameleon and my husband, sometimes in exactly that order, sometimes not. ;)

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  1. JustaGypsy

    Nurses pulling rank on assignments

    If they already have the easier assignments, and the incoming g patient is on the easy side, makes sense to me.
  2. JustaGypsy

    This is not why I became a nurse

    SullyRN: You should copyright this, and then you might be able to retire! Imagine if you charged even 25 cents per copy, with a disclaimer not to reproduce... RETIREMENT!
  3. JustaGypsy

    Adenosine administration

    I have also never given Metoprolol (Lopressor) 10 mg IVP in one go. Wow.
  4. JustaGypsy

    I want to throat-punch my co-worker

    Love the tread name. My words of wisdom? Sometimes people just plain SUCK. Whatever her problem is/was, it started LONG before you came along.
  5. JustaGypsy

    Need advice about unethical nurse

    If you are the only other nurse on the unit, then you are in a tough spot to try and refuse to cosign. Again, you are only witnessing that the UNUSED portion of a med is discarded appropriately; not as witness to where the rest of that med goes. Be sure when you sign as witness, you INSIST the drug be wasted at that time, in your presence. If the nurse declines to do that, then I would state to them that I cannot cosign the waste. Tough spot to be in, for sure. Just make sure YOUR medication handling is spotless. You cannot control someone else's practice. Sounds like they are digging their own hole, for sure.
  6. JustaGypsy

    "How did that get there?"

    I have seen some folks glue them to a badge reel and make flowers out of them, adding colored "jewels". They come out very pretty.
  7. JustaGypsy

    "How did that get there?"

    I have seen some folks glue them to a badge reel and make flowers out of them, adding colored "jewels". They come out very pretty.
  8. JustaGypsy

    The Dreaded Group Projects

    I too had this issue last spring. Instead, I did my portion, added whatever little they contributed, and made sure everyone was referenced for the work they did. Our final project was crap as the other members chose not to participate, but I still got an A.
  9. JustaGypsy

    when you don't feel like you did enough

    The very fact that you are posting here and acknowledging your feelings shows you are a far better nurse than you think. Some days are like that. It's the days that are not that keep us coming back. Your patients that know you know you did your best.
  10. JustaGypsy

    Behind every great doctor...is an even greater

    AMEN!!! And... you DO know today is National Doctor's Day, right??? *****!
  11. JustaGypsy

    Flu Vaccine, enough already!

    I am starting to feel the same way about breast cancer pink products...
  12. JustaGypsy

    How honest are you?

    I have been known to tell an acutely ill patient, when thanked by them or family, to tell people what we are actually doing that kept us so busy the next time they hear someone complain about the wait in the ER.
  13. JustaGypsy

    Going green makes me red in the face

    oh... what I would give to get my hands on a real mercury thermometer again...
  14. JustaGypsy

    Going green makes me red in the face

    Gotta love the CFL lightbulbs... I cried when I broke my mercury thermometer! Can't get another...
  15. JustaGypsy

    Today I'm thankful for...

    I a thankful that my parents did the best they could with what they had. It may not have been much at times, but it made me the person I am today.
  16. JustaGypsy

    Hospital Baby Blankets

    I am convinced people will swipe anything not nailed down...