How many names do you have for constipation?

  1. clogged

    draino killer

    full chute



    brown eyes

    no go


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  3. by   live4today
    Blocked up or backed up.... :chuckle
  4. by   canoehead
    obstipation- an MD term for the turd that won't come out with just a laxative or enema- have to go in after it to unclog and then flush out with lactulose or GoLytely.
  5. by   LilgirlRN
    My favorite is FOS, which can often be seen on Xray accompanied by an MIF (Massive internal fart) )
  6. by   CEN35
    ok lil one, while we are at it....there was a 35 yo female that swore up and down she had a kidney stone. plain film showed she was indeed fos with a huge dilated colon. she insisted she was not fos. she insisted on an ivp or ct to r/o renal calculi. so we did a ct, and the radiologist reading was no "no calculi seen. bowel dilitated at and around the sigmoid, findings consistent with constipation".

    lmao!!! :chuckle

  7. by   Sleepyeyes
    We see lotsa that in LTC :roll :roll but I was told NEVER EVER EVER

    call "it" an "impaction."

    Why? I asked.

    Apparently the word "impaction" is a Big Red Flag to the State.

    So we call it "digital removal of fecal matter."
  8. by   kaycee
    I think the best name for constipation in the ER is: LAME!!!!!!
  9. by   CEN35
    so true kace........


  10. by   galenight
    How bout the name for that constipation that has let loose all over kingdom come? CODE BROWN!
  11. by   CEN35
    code brown.............i always wondered how many people would get it, if they overheaded that in the hospital.......just like a code blue? lmao!!! :chuckle

  12. by   LilgirlRN
    Had a lady come in once with abd pain, told me she hadn't been to the bathroom in about 4 days and had taken some mag citrate at home and her tummy was cramping but she still couldn't go. Sh was hurting bad, diaphoretic etc. Doc swore she had a stone, put in an IV gave phenergan and dilaudid, sent her for an IVP, Scout films clearly showed FOS with a huge amount of stool in the ascending colon. She goes to IVP, comes back .."let me out of this bed, I've got to go to the bathroom". She went, pain resolved. No stone on IVP.

    At work last night, I gave Mso4 8 mgsIV push for a bladder infection!:chuckle
  13. by   Fgr8Out
    Code Brown....

    So, is there a special acls-type course for this Code Brown Team??? AFOS Team maybe? What would be on the Code Brown code cart? Dulcolax? Fleets? An assortment of gloves and colored K-Y??

    "MIF" (Massive Internal Fart).... I LOVE it... gonna use the term from now on, TOO!!

    (had a bad end of shift last night, so i'm really loving all the joviality today... thanks gang!)
  14. by   boobaby42
    We called up the "backhole digger" for patient's that were "all dobbed up." That would be the number one reason folks would call. The baby ain't dookied all day, you know.