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I just am not sure what to do. I'm sure if i call the hospital tomorrow to complain i'll get transferred here and there and finally to an answering machine or get hung up on or no one will return my... Read More

  1. by   Altra
    Quote from Victoriakem
    Waiting for 2 years to fix the same problem seems like too much time to me. Chronic problems need to be properly addressed by a regular doctor. The ED is for rescue situations, to stablize patients. I'm very sorry about your mother's situation & I hope when you finish your nursing degree, you will see things from the other side of the fence as well. Seeing a loved one suffer is truly difficult. ... Also, the ED doesn't have extra scrub pants or other articles of clothing for your mother to wear home. We are lucky to find a pillow! Hope is all works out & my best thoughts to you.
    :yeahthat: I feel badly for your mom's situation, it's a terrible thing to go through. But this is the difficult thing about patients who present to the ER with a chronic problem ... it's not something that can be fixed now, today, which is what we do in the ER. Honestly, if your mom's gyne has been putting her off for 2+ years, that is the problem, not your experience in the ER yesterday.

    I'm sorry that scrubs and a wheelchair were not available, but I can tell you that is common as well ... in my ER we sometimes have paper scrub tops & bottoms, which I will gladly provide if they are available. Wheelchairs are put to use almost as fast as escort staff & volunteers can try to accumulate them in the hallway, so if you need a wheelchair to get to your car upon discharge, I will be happy to try to provide one, but it may well take 20-30 minutes while I round up some available escort staff (if it isn't during night shift) to make another sweep of the hospital to find one for you.
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    I had a really horrific experience in the ER several years ago and wrote a detailed letter to the CEO of the hospital and actually recieved a return phone call by the CEO himself, profusley apologising, etc.Of course I did mention the SUE word in the letter.
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    Quote from Purple Princess
    i'm soon to be a nurse, helping people, and no one cares when you or a loved one is sick. what is this world coming to?
    Do a search on "ombudsman" and your state (ie ombudsman Maine) and see if there is a patient advocate. Or you can go to the patient care representative of the hospital. At least you will get answers as to why this happened, if not some help.

    Definitely in the meantime get to her GYN and if she gets nowhere, find another one!
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    ...Tests came back that I had stage 2 uterine cancer, and was scheduled for a hysterectomy that same week. Went to my regular gyn and asked for my medical records and told him about this. Needless to say, he was silent and had me lead out of his office.
    One week later, went septic, had to be hospitilized and reopened. 10 months later, had to have a third surgery. A tumor the size of a pop can had grown on the ovary that I had chosen to leave in for hormonal reasons.
    II am wonderful now, cancer free for 8 years, but the bottom line is,,,listen to your bady, pursue all aspects. If you feel you are being treated based on your financial background, contact the hospital financial and social office.

    Unreal. Did you report this guy to the Med. board? I mean, I understand dismissing it the first time you called, but come on... You are so blessed to be alive!!
  5. by   CHATSDALE
    write to the hospital, keep a copy, stress the fact that the reason that you went to er was because of the amount of blood that she had passed and the concerns that you had for her welfare

    it is NOT uncooperative to refuse the iv if you don't know what it is to be used for..once i was in the hospital and the nurse can with a souffle cup with pills i did not recognize, when i asked her what they were she replied
    'these are meds that the doctor ordered, i don't have time to explain all the pills to you, if you don't want them i will simply put REFUSED
    i certainly put refused and after i left i c/o to hospital

    your mother needs to be seen by another gyn and she might be helped by getting some of those incontintence undergarments...

    bless you, i hope she gets some help
  6. by   gitterbug
    Is there a clinic in your area that offers reduced rates for health care? Or a clinic associated with a teaching facility? I agree that this OB-GYN needs to step up the treatment or be replaced. Vitamins and Iron in higher doses may only help minimally. Thank goodness in our area there are 3 places to go for people who have health problems and little money. I know you are worried and my prayers will be with you and your Mom.
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    Quote from motorcycle mama
    ... when I went to the ER with a severe gallstone attack and as soon as the doctor found out I was uninsured he said it wasn't an emergency and sent me home. I mean, he didn't even make an attempt to conceal the reason he was ditching me.
    Cholecystitis patients are almost always discharged from the ER with a referral to a surgeon, regardless of whether they have insurance or are self-pay. These patients are rarely admitted. Cholecystitis is generally not a surgical emergency.

    Again, I sympathize with the OP's extreme frustration and concern for her mother, but the bottom line is that this situation has been ongoing for 2 years. It's been going on for so long that her mom has come up with adaptive behaviors (wearing 2-3 pads at all times) and so has the family (covering chair seats with towels). While this is a very unfortunate situation, it is not the fault of the ER. If the patient's H&H had been critically low, she would have been transfused. If her condition was a surgical emergency, she would have been sent to the OR.
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    It is against the law for docs and/or nurses to see what kind of medical insurance a pt presenting to the ER has. They check in, get triaged, get seen and THEN sign the papers with the front office regarding what kind of insurance. This law was enacted just so no one could judge a patient and treat them differently.

    Although we would not treat anyone differently in the first place.

    This is a chronic problem and you need a new gyno.

    I would have gotten your mom pads, pants and a wheelchair.

  9. by   traumaRUs
    I worked in a large level one trauma center for 10 years and was the case manager for two of those years. I never knew anyone's insurance info unless I needed it specifically for discharge planning purposes or to ensure a medication was covered.

    How is your mother doing?
  10. by   wincha
    I have complained about my ER visits. I find out who the VP is over that area and call that person and will either be put through are I am called back. It would be good to follow up with a letter about your experience(just the ER) to the VP who is in charge of that dept.
  11. by   outcomesfirst
    Two years? Same problem? What is the priority? Is healthcare a right or a luxury? Who is responsible for taking the time and money to care? Who should be responsible? Why is this happening to your mother? What can you and your mother do to prevent this sad situation from happening again?
  12. by   CHATSDALE
    this may have been an ongoing health problem but apparently the condition had changed significant enough to cause a er visit...she had not spend the entire two years at er
    if you have copd and have to go to er for sob someone should ask if it was different than previously
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    Quote from alwayslearnin
    I wish the commuter would please clarify her remarks.
    My remarks were clearer than crystal. I'll repeat it again: Healthcare in the U.S. is a commodity, not an individual right.

    I was unemployed/uninsured 2 years ago and my healthcare options were very limited. Prior to that, I had supreme PPO insurance that every doctor loved to accept. I noticed that the quality of care decreased once I became uninsured.