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Embarrassing? (Ladies opinion)


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Not allowed to give medical advice here but I will share my experience. When I went on birth control pills 1) my periods got lighter, and 2) I was able to adjust start dates with the packages over a few months until I could tell exactly what day my period would start and end, within hours. No more periods on weekends, yay! If your flow is really that heavy and inconvenient, ask your gynecological caregiver (MD or ANP) for recommendations.

Same here, no medical advice, but I went on the pill and skipped the placebo and started another pack right away. Bye, bye period. Before that it was double super-plus tampons and a panty liner for back up. I agree you should consult your provider.


Specializes in Oncology; medical specialty website.

our clinical scrubs are also white. I make sure and change my tampon each and every break, if I am worried before a break happens I just discuss it with the nurse I am working with that day. If you can't discuss your menstrual cycle with your clinical nursing staff then somethings wrong. I've never had a nurse tell me NO you can't go change your tampon. I usually use the heaviest flow tampon I can (ultra) that way I know it's unlikely I would ever leak. It's frustrating but hey we all have to deal with it.

I don't know why you should even need to tell them you need to change your tampon--TMI. Just tell them you need a bathroom break.

Really?! I didn't know the uniform can be change like that. Good idea!

My uniform is all white. But i always when on my period use under pants, shorts. It never shows in the whites unlesss u do not check yourself. I started using tampons. i like them better than pads.

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I've been looking for one of these. What's the app called?

I use Period Diary. Free and helps me keep up with when I'm due to start.

When my flow is super heavy and I know I won't be able to change at the drop of a hat, I double up on heavy flow tampons. Side by side, not tandem, obviously. lol


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I used to have to wear kahki colored pants at a previous job so I understand the need for a protection that won't leak! What I found works the best for me is a menstrual cup (diva/moon cup/lunette/etc)...it holds much more than a tampon and is cheaper than continuing to purchase tampons every month (more eco friendly' date=' as well, if you're concerned about that). On my heavy days I also wear a panty liner if I know/suspect I may not be able to get to the bathroom when needed, but even so it very rarely leaks...I love it and would never even consider going back to tampons![/quote']

I have an IUD and no longer get periods because of it, but I totally agree about the menstrual cup option... it's also a lot better for your body and safer for extended use.

I use a diva cup most of the time. They're great but for heavy flow days... well... think of how bad it can get with a tampon overflowing. Now imagine a cup *full* of blood leaking. It's not pretty and can get really messy, really fast. There's a period (ha) of time where my flow is too heavy and the amount of blood flowing into the cup is more than it can handle because of the air displacement. There's only four tiny holes to allow the air to leave when it's displaced by blood. Yeah.

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^Yeah. Gotta keep that in mind when if I decide in a diva cup and end up having the "nurse of action" days with complex wound care, a bariatric patient, and a code happens...ewwwwow...