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futureRNMena has 1 years experience and specializes in Trauma.

Charge Nurse

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  1. futureRNMena

    Embarrassing? (Ladies opinion)

    Join your nursing student association. Ours recently changed our all white uniform to navy and ceil blue. Use your resources. Good luck.
  2. futureRNMena

    Future southwest tn spring 2013

    Yay Moonchild.
  3. futureRNMena

    Future southwest tn spring 2013

    Hey just got the call!!!! Rejoice good luck everyone!
  4. futureRNMena

    Future southwest tn spring 2013

    Applications due today!!!!! Hurry up and wait! Good luck to everyone.
  5. futureRNMena

    Tips for nursing school success

    Especially the "problem child". People comment on these blogs like schools dont look at them. They're public BTW. Starting this fall as well. Huge thank you
  6. WOW. Do we really need all those books?! My mind is swimming already. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. futureRNMena

    *A Good Sign* I HOPE

    Just an update I didnt get in. Never take that math class. But I am attending SWTCC in the FALL good luck to you all.
  8. Congrats to everyone and everyone to come. And yes May 2 9-2!!!!
  9. I just got my call. IM IN. I cant stop crying and I'm at work Thank you God and everyone here especially Nikki.
  10. Something funny ....I paid my cellphone bill two months in advance I'm not missing that call for nothing!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  11. Save your breath annae. If some people can't wait, how will they make it once they're in the program? Thats the real challenge. They said april no exact date. Spazzing will get u no where but making hasty bad emotional decisions. Everyone wooo-saaa! Praying for us all!βœŒβ€πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
  12. Awhile back? How so when it clearly states April as the notification month? I wish everyone the best of luck but all this speculation is nerve wrecking and annoying.
  13. I thought Memphis apps waited until June.... Never heard that from SW apps....
  14. Okay the thing only I got from this is that waiting til June ruins my chances to get scholarship apps in by May as I have to have been accepted to apply which SUCKs. Even the one from my employer....
  15. Sometime this month? 😭I can't take it y'all. I'm staying away from this blog until I get a letter or a call. I have gray hair dedicated to this stuff!
  16. Thanks so much. I'm so anxious it's crazy😳 we all are. I just worry about the number of overall apps. So many people such good grades. They really should call soon.